How to File A Disability Claim In North Carolina?

If you find it necessary to file a disability application in North Carolina, you need to be aware of what and who the process involves. Essentially the procedure begins the moment you sit down and decide to apply. Yet, before you begin, you need to make sure you qualify. You can check out the criteria online at the Social Security website. Do this before contacting the district office nearest to you in North Carolina. Here, you can obtain an application. Alternatively, you can also obtain and fill in the application online.

How to Fill Out the Disability Application Form?

The disability application form is standard across the country. It will require personal information as well as specific data and documents relating to your disability claim. Be certain to read the form carefully. Make certain you understand exactly what is required of you to support your claim.

While it is possible to fill in the basic required information, you will have to take the time to gather what else is requested. This includes both medical records and your work history.

Know the Basic Information of Government and Non-Government Forms

As is the case with so many types of government and non-government forms, you will need to have on hand the basics. These include:

  • Complete name as recorded on your birth certificate.
  • Date of birth.
  • Address.
  • Contact numbers.
  • Social Security number.
  • Social security number of any dependents.

How to Know What counts as Medical Records

The Social Disability Report will contain information on your medical condition. The Social Security Benefit application will also ask for information about your medical condition. You must be precise and conclusive. Provide the contact numbers of every doctor, hospital, and clinic that has treated you. Make sure the information is up to date. Do not leave out any pertinent details. Social Security can request medical records, however, this can be a slow process, and it is best if medical records are submitted to Social Security as early as possible. There is a cost for obtaining these records. However, in North Carolina, a cap ensures the cost is not prohibitive.

Once a disability claim is pending, the disability examiner may request a medical examination, and will almost certainly request a medical examination if your claim lacks medical records. The consultant examiner who does this will provide his or her opinion and records for inclusion in your application.

What Is the Complete Work History for the Disability Application?

Another indispensable requirement for your disability application in North Carolina is a complete work history timeline. Provide precise information on where you have worked, and the dates and length of time employed at each job for each company covering the last 15 years. Also, make sure you include a detailed description of the job you performed and the demands of the job. Supply current contact information as well. Do not forget to indicate where your injury occurred and when your health issues began.

How to Put Together All the Information

Place all the information together in a file. This will allow you to have easy access to it when you need it. Fill in the application and report and send them off to your local district office (or fill it out online and mail a signed copy with medical releases to your local district office). You can also book an appointment with your local Social Security office in North Carolina. Take a copy of the application and the file with you when you attend the meeting at the field office.

Once the application and the information are submitted, you will receive a letter from a Disability Examiner who will either approve or reject your claim. It is important to stay in touch with this Disability Examiner and make sure they receive all of your medical records and any supporting statements from your doctors. You will receive an answer within a few months. Be forewarned, however, that the rejection rate for a disability application in North Carolina is high. Less than 30% of all initial applications are approved by Disability Determination Services (DDS) at this stage in the process. This is lower than the national average. As a result, you may want to consider hiring the services of a local disability attorney to improve your odds of approval.

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