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Social Security Disability – a Confusing and Unfair System

Social Security’s disability programs provide monthly payments and medical benefits to honest, hardworking men and women who can no longer work because of a medical problem. Unfortunately getting Social Security to pay you the disability benefits you deserve can be a problem. Most people who apply are denied by a Social Security claims adjustor.

You may wonder: “Social Security withheld money from my paycheck ever since I have been working – now that I am disabled, why are they giving me a hard time when I most need their help?”

Many deserving claimants like you are denied because they do not know how the Social Security disability application and appeals process works. Fortunately help is available to you. The Clauson Law Firm, PLLC has years of experience helping Social Security disability clients at all stages in the process.

Legal Help is Available to You

While it hardly seems fair that an honest and sincere claimant should need to hire a lawyer to recover the financial and medical disability benefits he deserves, this is the reality of Social Security’s confusing and complicated disability evaluation process. There is some good news, you can hire an experienced, dedicated and determined disability advocate who will accept your case on a “no fee unless we win” basis.

Board Certified Social Security Disability Law Specialist Vaughn Clauson and his Durham based staff have successfully represented more than one thousand satisfied clients. Vaughn handles Social Security disability cases only. If you hire him, you can be sure that every detail of your case will be handled properly and efficiently. Every appeal form will be carefully submitted and every relevant medical record will be added to SSA’s electronic case file. If you go to a hearing, Vaughn will present every applicable argument for disability on your behalf and he will respectfully but thoroughly cross examine any vocational or medical expert witness presented by Social Security.

Now, Vaughn cannot accept every case that comes across his desk, but everyone who requests a case evaluation will receive a review at no charge whatsoever. If Vaughn does not feel that he can help you, he will explain why and, whenever possible, he will make a referral for a second opinion.

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***Clauson law represents clients across the country in Social Security disability cases only. Any other matters are restricted to representation in North Carolina.