If you're currently living with complications as the result of suffering a stroke, you may be eligible for disability benefits. Suffering a stroke can leave you severely debilitated. Contact the Clauson Law firm today to have an experienced attorney review your case.

Stroke Lawyer for Disability Benefits

According to Mayoclinic, “a stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of your brain is interrupted or reduced, preventing brain tissue from getting oxygen and nutrients.” A stroke can result in many health issues including:

  • neurological problems
  • loss of movement
  • loss of balance
  • problems with memory
  • weakness
  • problems with speech
  • loss of vision
  • many others.

Sometimes the residual health issues caused by a stroke are permanent, and in other cases, they are temporary and get better with time and therapy. We have represented many clients who have suffered from a stroke. In cases involving a history of stroke, it’s important to identify what health conditions are present because of the stroke, and how they prevent our client from working. Both the physical and mental conditions resulting from a stroke can prevent a person from working. We find that some client’s impairments because of a stroke meet or equal listing 11.00 for neurological disorders:

If a client’s conditions from the stroke are not severe enough to meet or equal SSA’s listings, then we use several other arguments. If the client is between 50 and 54 years old, we use SSA’s grid rules to prove that because of the client’s conditions from the stroke, the client is limited to sedentary work and should be found disabled. If the client is over 55, we use SSA’s grid rules to prove that because of the client’s conditions from the stroke, the client is limited to light work and should be found disabled. For clients who are under 50 and whose conditions do not equal or meet SSA’s listings, we argue that they are either:

  • unable to perform the full range of sedentary work.
  • unable to perform any work on a regular and continuing basis due to the conditions because their stroke.

The inability to speak, walk, lift, stand, see and the loss of memory can be devastating. It can affect your ability to work, care for yourself, and your ability to do simple daily activities. If you have had a stroke you may be entitled to disability benefits. It is important that you get help from an experienced attorney when applying for and appealing your SSI or SSDI case.

Contact a Stroke Lawyer for Disability Benefits

Every stroke case is unique, and if you still have questions about applying for Social Security disability benefits after a stroke, please contact our office. We are experienced in handling cases involving strokes and would be happy to speak with you. We offer a free initial case evaluation. If we can assist you with your case, we will put forth the effort and time to pursue the disability benefits you deserve. If we are unable to take on your case, we will explain why we cannot take your case and how your case could be improved. Please contact us by completing the contact us form on our website, or by calling our office. Our toll-free number is 877-835-0923, and our local number in Durham, NC is 919-794-4437.

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