Fayetteville Social Security Disability Lawyer

Instead of attempting to get through the regulations and procedures of the Social Security application process on your own, an SSD lawyer Fayetteville from Clauson Law can handle it all for you. We offer a free consultation and provide you with an honest review of your claim.

Fayetteville Social Security Disability Lawyer

Fayetteville Social Security Disability Lawyer

When a disability prevents you from working and earning a living, an application for disability benefits may be your only hope for relief from financial distress. Unfortunately, more than 60% of applicants for Social Security disability receive a letter at the end of the application process denying their claim for benefits.

The assistance of a Fayetteville Social Security disability lawyer from the Clauson Law Firm, PLLC, ensures that your application satisfies all federal regulations and Social Security guidelines to give it the best chance of getting you the benefits you need and deserve. If you need to appeal an application denial, Vaughn S. Clauson is certified as a specialist in Social Security disability by the North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization. He has extensive experience handling benefit claims at all stages of the appeal process, including taking them into federal court when necessary.

Types of claims handled by our disability lawyer Fayetteville NC

Disability claims are generally classified as either short term or long term. Most state-administered programs provide benefits to people with injuries or illnesses that do not result in permanent disability. Long-term disability programs, including Social Security disability, provide benefits when the mental or physical impairment is anticipated to cause a person to be disabled for at least a year.

Fayetteville Disability lawyer

Whether you need a short term disability lawyer Fayetteville or a Fayetteville VA disability lawyer to handle a long-term disability claim through the veterans administration or through Social Security, you can find one at Clauson Law. For example, if you have a disabling medical condition that is expected to be permanent or long term, Clauson Law can take care of everything from the application through appeal of your claim for Social Security disability benefits.

Our SSD lawyer Fayetteville represents individuals seeking benefits through the Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance programs administered by the Social Security Administration. Both SSI and SSDI provide benefits, including monthly payments, to people who meet the qualifying guidelines for each program.

Qualifying for SSDI benefits

The SSDI program provides a monthly cash payment to individuals who are disabled, but you must have a work record of sufficient duration to qualify for the program. You must have worked long enough at jobs or through self-employment and paid into the Social Security system through payroll taxes on your earnings or through taxes paid on your self-employment income.

You also need to be disabled as defined under federal regulations that Social Security must follow when determining whether you qualify for SSDI. According to the regulations, you must have a medically determinable physical or mental impairment that makes you unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity and is expected to last for at least one year or cause death.

You cannot satisfy the requirements if you have the ability to do relevant work that you did in the past or engage in another type of substantial gainful work existing in the national economy. An SSDI lawyer Fayetteville can help you to determine if you meet the strict requirements contained in the federal regulations to qualify for SSDI benefits and the type of medical evidence needed to prove it and get your application through the difficult review process.

When approved for SSDI benefits, Social Security calculates the amount that you receive each month with a formula that uses your average lifetime earnings adjusted for historical growth in wages. You become eligible for Medicare coverage 24 months after your monthly SSDI payments begin.

We help with Supplemental Security Income applications and appeals

If you have difficulty paying for food and shelter, you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income benefits. To be eligible to apply for SSI, you must have limited income and financial resources and meet one of the following criteria:

  • You must be 65 years of age or older.
  • You must be blind.
  • You must be disabled.

You do not need a work history to qualify for SSI, but someone eligible for SSDI may also qualify for SSI provided their SSDI benefits do not exceed the SSI limitations on income. An experienced SSI lawyer Fayetteville from Clauson Law will review your income, work record, medical condition and other factors determining eligibility and submit your application accordingly.

If applying for SSI as disabled or blind, an SSI lawyer reviews your medical history to confirm that your medical records contain sufficient information to prove that you qualify for benefits. This is important because your application must undergo a review by the local Disability Determination Services that relies on medical records to determine whether you are blind or disabled.

How to apply for Social Security disability

You may apply for SSI or SSDI benefits by completing an online application at the Social Security Administration website. An application may also be filed in person at the Social Security office Fayetteville located at 145 Rowan Street, Fayetteville, NC. Call them first at 1-866-964-6485 to schedule an appointment.

Fayetteville disability lawyer

Instead of attempting to get through the regulations and procedures of the Social Security application process on your own, an SSD lawyer Fayetteville from Clauson Law can handle it all for you. We offer a free consultation and provide you with an honest review of your claim.

If you receive an unfavorable decision, Clauson Law can appeal it through the administrative stages that include reconsideration, an administrative law judge hearing and an appeal to the appeals council. When necessary, our board-certified Social Security disability specialist can file an appeal in federal court.

Fayetteville Social Security Disability Lawyer


Dedicated disability lawyers working for you

You have too much at stake to try to navigate through the Social Security disability process on your own. Instead, rely on the knowledge and experience of a lawyer certified as a Social Security disability specialist in North Carolina to help you to get the SSD, VA and other benefits that you are eligible to receive. Learn more about how an SSD lawyer Fayetteville can help by contact the Clauson Law Firm for a free consultation.

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