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The Clauson Law Firm is committed to serving America’s Social Security Disability claimants. Since Vaughn Clauson founded the firm in 2009, the singular goal of our staff has been providing skilled, knowledgeable, and trustworthy representation to people whose Social Security Disability claims need to be pursued aggressively and thoroughly.

The importance of caring for each client is instilled in every lawyer and staff member in our organization.

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Social Security Disability – Claims & Appeals

People applying for Social Security Disability payments need and deserve their benefits. Clauson Law makes sure every claimant’s application is prepared, supported, and presented with thorough detail and pressed vigorously. Filing SSDI claims and pressing administrative appeals for disabled Americans has been a fundamental focus of the Clauson Law Firm for more than two decades.

We accept Social Security Disability cases for clients throughout the United States.

Our lawyers include Board Certified Specialists in Social Security Law, ensuring every application for Disability Benefits provides our client with an optimal expectation of success. Winning SSDI claims and appeals requires specialized knowledge and experience to navigate the federal bureaucracy. Clauson Law uses decades of experience to represent each and every client’s case.

We strive to satisfy every client.
Some of our recent client reviews tell the story:

They did an awesome job with the process of getting my stepdaughter approved for her benefits. We had been trying for a few years but were given the wrong information. But when I found The Clauson Law Firm, they did all the legal work, normally it takes about a year or 2 before you see SS doctors. She was seen within the first 4 months of the paperwork. And was approved 4 months later. They are the best at what they do.

The best law firm ever. I highly recommend. Professional and caring. Will fight for you until the very end. Thank you for helping me win my case. It's so refreshing to know that you can get help with disability claims and have someone fight for you the way Clauson Law firm did for me.
They have taken the stress out of this process. Very grateful to have found them. Highly Recommend!
With what is going on in this world today, I am grateful to express my respects to how this law firm represented me. I truly believe he respects people of color and cares for who you are no matter what. I always will love this law firm. Thank you for changing my life. I will keep sharing my experience with others. Many are afraid due to color but I encourage them to know you are not alone and this law firm can help you!

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