Preparing A Successful Disability Application

It may not be something you planned upon or even wanted. Yet, sometimes you need to turn to the government for help. When it comes to suffering from a long-term disability, you may have to file a disability application. A disability attorney in NC can be your best bet if it is essential to file in this state. He or she can help you prepare and submit the application.

Disability Success Rates in North Carolina

In North Carolina, the rejection level is slightly higher than two-thirds. As a claimant, you want to do everything possible to avoid needing to go further in the appeals process. Although you can request for reconsideration and go further to eventually face a disability hearing, it is better for all involved if you can obtain benefits earlier in the process.

How to Prepare A Successful Initial Application?

If you want to help yourself be successful during the initial application, it is essential you compile all the necessary information. These include both medical and work records.

Medical Evidence: Social Security needs to know your medical conditions and the actual extent of the injuries or health issues from which you suffer. They want to know how these physical and/or mental conditions will limit your ability to function. As a result, you need to:

  • Be sure to include all the medical treatment sources – including the contact numbers of your past and present medical providers.
  • Make certain the medical evidence is completely up-to-date – particularly be sure to include any treatment that you underwent since you stopped working.
  • Provide medical data and documentation as far back as possible- The information must coincide with the period for which you are alleging the condition or conditions that kept you from working.

Work Records: Work records are necessary so Social Security can identify your work history and classify it according to the dictionary of occupational titles (DOT). The DOT helps the system identify whether you can or cannot actually perform the skills and demands of the occupation. To help them be sure to always be as detailed as possible.

  • Provide a complete job history.
  • Provide employers and contact numbers.
  • Give dates, length of time employed/worked.
  • Include job title as well as specific details on what you did for each job.

It may be a good idea to consult a disability attorney in NC to help strengthen your case. He or she will prove beneficial in ensuring you submit a complete and thorough initial application. If for some reason your initial application is not successful, a disability attorney in NC can advise you on what steps to take next.

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