Professional SSD Attorneys Offer Considerable Advantages

People that face difficult health issues may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Health conditions can become disabling slowly over time and with age, or in a matter of minutes depending on the circumstances. A variety of health conditions can prevent someone from working and being able to support themselves and their families. The first step in finding out if you qualify for SSDI benefits, is contacting a professional disability lawyer in NC. Skilled attorneys are more apt at explaining the qualifications as well as the rules and regulations that govern SSDI. A skilled attorney can help form an argument based on your unique circumstances.

Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income: Know the Difference

There are different benefits under the Social Security Administrations, disability programs, with the most common being- SSDI and SSI benefits. Each is governed and offered by the Social Security Administration, but they have differences. The medical evaluation process is the same for both SSDI and SSI benefits; however, there are technical differences. SSDI is a program for disabled workers who have paid enough taxes over the years to be insured for benefits (typically 20 of the last 40 quarters/5 of the last 10 years). The benefit amount that the SSDI claimant receives all depends on their earnings history and how much they paid into the system over the years. SSI benefits are for disabled individuals, with little to no resources, who are not insured for SSDI and have not paid enough in taxes of the years to be insured. The SSI benefit maximum is $721 in 2014; however, if the SSI recipient is getting support such as food and shelter, or income from any source, this amount may be reduced. Also, SSI claimants must have little to no resources to receive benefits. This means that the SSI applicant should have no property outside of the home they live in, no more than one car, and less than $2,000 in resources.

Ensure the Correct Documentation Is Provided

To help make sure that the correct documentation is provided to Social Security, it can be helpful to hire a competent SSDI attorney. They can help you decide which type of disability benefit applies given your current situation. Competent attorneys also make sure that you file the correct application and supporting documents, such as medical records, forms from your physician and previous employers, financial documents, and many other types of documentation. Experienced Social Security disability lawyers have represented many unique cases, and are more likely to be able to aid you during this difficult process.

Proof That You Cannot Work Is Paramount to Your Case

SSI and SSDI both require that you prove that you are unable to work for a year or longer due to your health. Each case is unique, and there are a number of arguments based on your unique situation and Social Security’s rules and regulations. An experienced attorney can help you present the best possible argument and supporting documentation to Social Security.

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