How to Start Receiving Social Security Benefits.

The Social Security Administration has put together what is known as the Social Security Blue Book. It contains a list of different medical conditions, diseases, and injuries which is used to determine whether or not you qualify for benefits. The blue book also has a detailed listing of how an individual will need to be affected by the condition or injuries. While it is possible to be approved without having the same effects, the book will at least provide an outline for each individual scenario.

One condition that must be met for every case is that the individual will have to be prevented from working for at least 12 consecutive months or the condition is expected to result in death.

Before A patient decides to apply:

  • They will need to gather all their medical records from each doctor, physician, or specialist they have had to visit due to the condition.
  • They will need to retain all medical records, letters, and medical notes pertaining to the injury or illness.
  • The patient will also need to provide their full employment history for the previous 15 years, as well as documentation concerning their level of education.

All this information is considered relevant by the Social Security Administration when it comes to determining Qualification for Disability.

It is also highly recommended that any individual who is going to apply to receive Social Security benefits begin to keep a daily journal from the time they have decided to apply for benefits.

  • They might record information such as how they were feeling each day concerning their illness and injury.
  • They will want to describe all the limitations they experienced and the effect this had on their day.
  •  How did it affect their ability to perform simple everyday tasks that would be considered a routine part of daily life?

This will benefit their ability to discuss medical matters with a doctor. Important information and details doctors need to know can often go unremembered when a patient tries to remember certain days from the back of their mind.

Notes should also be taken in the journal concerning every doctor’s appointment. What matters were discussed, what advice was given by medical personnel, and what has been suggested for the patient to deal with the limitations they are experiencing?

The patient will want to share the journal and any other notes or information they have taken with an attorney when they have an initial appointment to discuss the terms of the case.

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