Facts About Applying for Social Security and VA Disability Benefits

As a veteran who suffered a debilitating injury while serving your country, you deserve to be compensated for the sacrifices you’ve made. Perhaps you’ve already filed a disability claim, or are in the early stages of preparing to file a claim with the U.S. Veterans Administration. Being that you were employed by the U.S. military when injured, you absolutely should seek compensation from the VA. While you are going through that process, you should also find out if you’re eligible for Social Security veteran’s benefits. Veterans can apply for both programs, and if you qualify for both, you’ll have more money for living expenses.

Getting Caught in The VA Claims Backlog

It’s no secret that the VA has an enormous backlog of claims stuck in the processing stage. While things have gotten much better with the upgrade of computer systems, around 40,000 complex claims take longer than average to come to completion, and if you’re one of those claims, it can take months to years to find out if you’re going to receive benefits. As you wait during this stressful period, a Social Security claim can offer a measure of hope that you’ll receive some type of compensation, and the wait can be shorter.

VA Benefits Can Boost Your Chances of Receiving Social Security

If the VA approves your disability claim with a disability rating score of 70-percent or more, the odds of getting approved increase. The VA’s assessment of your level of disability can weigh heavily in your favor when filing a request for Social Security benefits. Alternatively, when you are approved for Social Security benefits, the VA doesn’t consider this when making a decision, but they do review this information.

How SSA Determines Disability Benefits

There’s a distinct difference between the VA and SSA when it comes to calculating who gets benefits. While the VA awards benefit based on the severity of your injury, the SSA awards benefit based on your ability to perform work tasks. To receive SSI payments your medical issue must be so severe that it impedes your ability to work for an extended period.

Getting Assistance for SSA Claims

Although you are eligible to apply for SSI benefits, there is no guarantee of successful approval. Many claims are denied, and you may have to attend a hearing to prove your case. When the process gets tough, turn to experts who can guide your claim through this monumental process.

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