Social Security Disability Benefits: How to Get Results

Social Security Disability Benefits are a godsend for people who cannot work anymore due to medical issues; however, they are tough to come by. The system that is supposed to ease any efforts to provide for yourself and your family is far from easy. In fact, it is often unfair as well as difficult to navigate. You give money to Social Security so that you are covered in case of an emergency, yet you are still put through a Herculean ordeal to get the benefits you deserve. To keep something like this from happening, you have to be informed about how the application and appeals process works. Here are a few things you should know to navigate this rocky terrain.

1. What Does The Term “Disability” Mean?

The term Disability refers to being unable to perform “substantial gainful activity” due to a medically proven condition that lasts at least twelve successive months or leads to a fatality. Social Security determines eligibility based on your ability to perform simple, entry-level duties for eight hours a day during a five day work week. You can read more about the meaning of “Disability” on the Clauson Law Firm Website.

2. What Are the Types of Benefits Available to Me?

In North Carolina, one can choose from the following benefits:
* Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB)
* State Disability
* Veterans’ Administration
* Worker’s Compensation
* Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
* Private Disability

3. How Can You Get Ahead?

Sometimes, it is easy to prove that your disability prevents you from getting the job done, but that isn’t always the case. Medical records, ideally, can be your proof, but more commonly, they are incomplete or inconsistent. Experience has proven that the case with cleaner documentation will have a better chance. Scour the SSA Website for more information about what information you require when applying for benefits.

4. What Should You Do If Your Case Is Denied?

If the judge denies your case, you have the right to appeal the decision, which is important for a couple of reasons. First, you are protecting your right to receive benefits in case there is a new hearing. Second, it is a second chance for both your lawyer and the judge to correct any errors made in the case. Third, it shows that you are here to fight for your rights.

Don’t let your rightful benefits evade you. Arm yourself with the information and the documentation you need to get what you not only deserve and need. Both the official website and the Clauson Law website can help you do just that.

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