The Process of Applying for Supplemental Security Income for a Child

If you have a child who is disabled, it can be hard making ends meet. The medical bills, care, and medications can really take a bite out of your income. If the child is doesn’t work or has little to no income as well as resources, it’s possible for them to receive Supplemental Security Income. Just as an adult applying for disability benefits, the child also must meet certain requirements and provide necessary medical information and documentation.

If you have questions, it can be beneficial to contact a North Carolina law firm and talk to a Social Security Disability lawyer NC.

How does a child qualify for Supplemental Security Income?

  • Because of a physical or mental medical condition, the child is limited in the activities he or she can participate in.
  • Similar to an adult applying for disability benefits, the child must also have a medical condition that is either terminal or expected to last at least 12 months.
  • The child must be regularly attending school if under 18, or in some cases, 22 years of age. A North Carolina law firm can further help you understand qualifications.
  • Each year the amount that someone can earn and still qualify changes. For this year, that number is $1,170 per month.
  • If the child is older and married or considered head of household, he or she will not qualify.

How to apply for Supplemental Security Income for a child?

  • A great resource is the Child Disability Starter Kit: This kit has great information to help you get started along the application process.
  • The next step is to contact Social Security: Contact the Social Security office as soon as possible. You will need to verify if the income and resources of parents and child are within the limits to receive these benefits.
  • Then, complete the Child Disability Report: Information in regards to the child’s medical condition will need to be given. You also have to provide information on education and work history. This can be done online.
  • Contact Social Security in order to fill out an application: The application for a child cannot be completed online. You can either make an appointment at a local Social Security office and complete it in person or you can complete it over the phone.
  • Finally, wait to hear back: You will receive a letter in three to five months in regards to your child’s claim.

If you have any questions in regards to the information above, contact a Social Security disability lawyer in NC.

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