Supplemental Security Income Attorney, North Carolina

There are many options when considering an attorney to help with your claim for Supplemental Security Income in North Carolina. The vast majority of people that get approved for benefits at the various levels have the help of a professional Social Security advocate or attorney. An experienced Social Security advocate or attorney knows how the system works, and will handle most of the process for you. They will help remove the confusion that may cause you to lose your rightful benefits.

Supplemental Security Income Attorney

With representation you may: Increase the likelihood of winning your case; maximize benefits due (get the most money you can qualify for); save time and confusion; have experienced representation file your appeals, if needed; get your paperwork filed more quickly and accurately; reduce chances of denial based on unexpected technicalities and avoid fee payment unless you win.

Although you don’t need an attorney to receive SSI benefits, a knowledgeable social security disability attorney can help you correctly complete your application and efficiently assemble the required documentation. A dedicated advocate can also represent you at hearings before an administrative law judge if your initial claim is denied.

If this occurs, an experienced supplemental security income attorney can be a valuable asset in the appeals process. An attorney can ensure that all new medical records that may be pertinent to your case are available to the judge. In addition, an attorney will prepare and strategize on how to present the best possible case of why an applicant should be approved for such a claim. A big part of this process is for the attorney to show the dire need of financial assistance due to the potential hindering disability, as well as to show the candidate meets the financial criteria that is a pre-requisite to acceptance of SSI.

Supplemental Security Income Attorney

In order to meet these qualifications, the attorney will present evidence that a candidate is over the age of 65, disabled, or blind. Many of its requirements mirror those of Social Security Disability Insurance. In addition, the attorney will have to show that the candidate has less than $2,000 worth of net value. The attorney will be able to demonstrate this by calling expert witnesses, submitting financial documents, and presenting a strong argument to the presiding judge. It is not good for a layman to go through this process alone. It is better to have an experienced attorney that is familiar with the judges, the available strategies, as well as the procedures that will tilt the opportunity for success in the claimant’s favor.

Approximately 70 percent of SSI claims are denied when they are first processed, which is yet another reason to have a strong and experienced SSI lawyer on your side!

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