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Before you decide to file an SSI application form on your own, it is a very good idea to contact an SSI lawyer in NC. At the Clauson Law Firm, we understand the ins and outs of these types of Social Security benefit cases. SSI is a special type of Social Security benefit that is meant for disabled children, disabled adults, people over the age of sixty-five, and the blind. Filing for SSI can be extremely confusing since there are different technical/income criteria. Supplemental Security Income is only given to people that can prove they are disabled and have little to no income. In order to continue to receive this type of Social Security benefit, you must also continue to prove that you qualify for it financially, as well.

Provide Accurate Information When Filling Out SSI Forms

Since applying for SSI can be difficult, it is a good idea to retain the legal services of an SSI lawyer in North Carolina. The experienced attorney and staff at our firm are able to walk you through the process of completing all the necessary forms and tell you what documentation is required when filing for SSI benefits. At the Clauson Law Firm, our mission is to provide you with solid legal advice that ascertains whether you will qualify for the SSI program or not.

The Type of Information Needed to Prove Your SSI Case

  • Proof of Birth
  • U.S. Citizenship Proof
  • Lawful Alien Status for Those Not Born in the U.S.
  • W-2 Forms or Self Employment Tax Returns
  • Medical Records, Test Results, Doctor’s Reports
  • Unite States Military Discharge Papers
  • Financial documentation like bank statements and documentation for any property owned

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Contact us at The Clauson Law Firm to find out if you qualify for SSI Disability benefits. We are prepared to answer all of your questions concerning Social Security benefits, and start the claims process for you as soon as possible.

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