Social Security Disability Asset Limits

If you’re filing for social security disability benefits, there’s a good chance that you are unable to work, and struggling to make ends meet. It’s hard to pay your bills and put food on the table when you can’t work to earn a paycheck, and those benefit payments can go a long way to easing your financial burdens. However, this is not always the situation for everyone. Some people are struggling with injuries and disabilities but are maybe a little better off than others. This could be due to several factors, such as a wider support network of friends and family who are willing to help, or because the applicant is receiving other monthly checks in the form of alimony, child support, or something else.

For whatever reason, if you have access to other assets, you might wonder if this is going to hurt your chances of being accepted for disability. So, is there an asset limit for social security disability? That’s not always an easy answer, because there’s more than one type of disability program offered by the SSA.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

For those filing for SSDI (Social Security Disability) benefits, the good news is that there is no asset limit. In other words, just having a house, cars, a decent bank account, or a support system in place will not disqualify you from receiving those benefits. Since SSDI is based solely on your work history and your present ability to work, your other holdings are not considered. If you want to work, but are unable to do so due to your injury or disability, then that is all that matters. It is important to note that SSDI is a program designed for those who have been working for years, and who have paid their fair share into the SS system but are unable to work now.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

The other type of disability program is SSI (Supplemental Security Income). This is a disability program specifically designed for low-income, low-asset individuals who have never been able to hold down steady work due to their disabilities. This means that to qualify for  SSI benefits there are limits to the amount of cash, stocks, and other assets you can have on hand, and there is also a limit to the types and amount of assistance you can receive. While it is too complicated to list the asset limits here, a comprehensive list can be found here.

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