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Automobile Accident Claims In North Carolina

One minute, the road ahead of you is perfectly clear, and the next minute, an automobile accident has altered your life and the livelihood of your family. Automobile accidents create lifetime physical problems, financial stress, work stress and relationship stress, and for all these reasons, you need help in filing a compensation claim. You have more important things to worry about, like missed work days, ability to pay bills vehicle damage and dealing with insurance companies. You’re stressed enough about your physical injuries that you shouldn’t have to go it alone.

Automobile Accident Claims

Hiring an attorney when you have so much on your plate can help distribute the workload. While you take care of other issues, let Clauson Law file your automobile accident compensation claim and get you the compensation you deserve. We handle many NC automobile accident compensation claims, and we’ll handle yours so you can focus on your health and your family. We have a great track record of getting insurance companies to “own up” and pay you the amount you deserve, ensuring that the claim includes both compensatory as well as punitive damages you are entitled to. The claim should cover payment for lost wages, pain and suffering, coverage of all medical bills and compensation for your personal injury.

Many of our clients are involved in and injured in accidents that were not their fault. We have filed many NC automobile accident compensation claims for minor fender benders to extremely serious accidents involving serious injury or death. We handle regular car accidents as well as motorcycle and 18-wheeler accidents, and we know how to fully and accurately represent you no matter the circumstances.

Compensation claims pay out different types of damages. Money you’ve lost because of medical treatment or injuries is called compensatory damage; it also includes property loss (your car and its contents) and loss of income. Compensatory damages are paid for physical injury but also for emotional injuries like emotional distress and suffering, as well as any fear, depression, or anxiety that results from the accident.

Punitive damages come into the picture when accidents are caused by another person because of carelessness or drunk driving. These additional damages are levied as a means of punishment for the other driver’s recklessness. Clauson Law has handled hit and runs, drunk driving, uninsured motorists, accidents involving commercial trucking, and accidents that have occurred due to dangerous road construction.

Our firm has attorneys who specialize in automobile accident compensation claims, so schedule a free initial consultation with us. We will review your case, determine whether you have a valid claim, and estimate your claim value. If you decide to hire our firm, we have no upfront fees. We don’t get paid unless we win your case.

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