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The Obstacles in Collecting Disability Benefits

It may sound relatively cut and dry: you become disabled and you collect disability benefits. NC does have regulations in place that make this possible, but it is rarely this simple. Depending on your unique situation, you may face a number of obstacles in receiving approval regarding your benefits. Regardless of what type of disability benefits you’re applying for, there are a series of steps necessary to collect the compensation to which you’re entitled. If you want to ensure a seamless process and avoid any potential missteps, look into hiring a legal professional that practices exclusively in this area of the law.

collecting disability benefits

So Many Factors

When it comes to something as complicated as Social Security benefits, it’s almost essential that you have someone on your side who is well versed in this area of the law. Disability cases are all unique medically, and an understanding of your particular condition and how and why it prevents you from working is essential. There are also technical issues and the benefits you may be entitled to can vary based on your income, resources, past work experience, and the amount of taxes you paid while you were working. The benefits you’re entitled to can vary from case to case. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize this and often settle for less than they deserve or get lost in the process and give up. You don’t have to apply alone, and help is available. If you get denied benefits, don’t give up. Getting denied is an incredibly unfortunate scenario to find yourself in, but you do have rights to appeal and hire a representative.

Experience Matters

It boils down to one very important factor in these situations: experience matters. With so many different outcomes possible, it can be nearly impossible to predict what lies ahead. However, when you have legal representation that is well versed in the rules and regulations of Social Security benefits, they can handle any twists and turns with ease. Benefits denied? They’ll walk you through the appeals process. Application difficulties? They’ll ensure you’re able to provide the information necessary to move on to the next phase in the process.

No Better Time than Now

You do not have to wait until you’re out of money to file for disability benefits. If you’ve recently become disabled, look into filing and hiring legal counsel sooner rather than later. By getting a head start on beginning the application process, you may avoid missing out on benefits, and with the help of a representative, you can feel confident that your case is handled efficiently. They’re your benefits, and based on taxes you’ve paid over the years – so don’t let them go uncollected!

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