Getting SSI For Migraines in North Carolina

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, 18% of women or 6% of men suffer migraines. Out of these sufferers, 90% can’t perform their job duties during an attack, and sometimes even hours or days after an intense migraine. If you are someone who experiences this 6th most disabling illness in the world, you may have a claim to Social Security disability benefits.

Read on to learn more about getting SSDI for migraines in North Carolina. If you think you qualify, contact an experienced disability lawyer to help ensure your claim is approved.

While there is no standard disability Social Security listing for migraines, you can still get approved for chronic migraines. In order to get approved, you’ll need to prove a couple of things to the SSA including that your migraines make it impossible for you to work a full-time job and earn a living.

The SSA Will Look at The Following

  • Daily Limitations: In order to be deemed unable to work, you’ll need to prove significant limitations in the areas required for you to successfully perform your job. You’ll need to submit medical records and functional report forms for the SSA to determine your ability to work.
  • Frequency and Severity: The SSA will also take into account how frequently you experience migraines, and how often you miss work because of them. Do your migraines prevent you from working for days or hours at a time? This gives the SSA information about how well you can keep a steady work schedule. Additionally, symptoms like nausea, fatigue, and light and noise sensitivity are taken into consideration.
  • Employment Options: Your migraines may prohibit you from working in a manufacturing setting, but do they stop you from working at a more sedentary job like in an office? If the SSA determines you can maintain full-time employment at a different type of job, your claim may be denied.
  • Medical Evidence: Since there is no specific disability listing for migraines, there also is no set list of medical evidence. However, generally, you’ll need to provide diagnosis methods, any imaging scans you’ve had done, medications prescribed, and a list of symptoms.

Utilizing a Social Security disability attorney to help you fill out your functional report forms and gather all of the necessary medical reports will give you a better shot at getting your disability claim approved. Contact the lawyers at Clauson Law Firm to help you with your claim today.

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