Raleigh Bus Accident Attorney

In Raleigh many rely on public transportation to get to work or vice versa; this is especially true for buses. Unfortunately, things can go wrong. Bus accidents are complicated, and having an experienced Raleigh bus accident attorney on your side can significantly help your case.

Raleigh Bus Accident Attorney

How an Attorney Can Help Recover Damages from a Bus Accident Injury in Raleigh

Having an attorney after a bus accident in Raleigh can significantly increase your chances of success in a lawsuit.

If you have been involved in a bus accident in Raleigh, you may wonder what you should be doing next after the crash. This may be a confusing and overwhelming time for both you and your family, especially if you are suffering from serious injuries after the bus collision.

First and foremost, you should always get medical treatment as soon as you can after an accident. If you have not been in to see a doctor or another medical professional, you should make an appointment as soon as you can. Having a quick “once over” with a doctor will not only be a good decision for your health, but it can help your legal case, too.

Those who have been injured while they were a passenger on a bus can file a personal injury claim in North Carolina, and a Raleigh bus accident lawyer can help you with that process.

How Will a Raleigh Bus Accident Attorney Help with My Case?

Bus accidents are complicated, and having an experienced Raleigh NC bus accident lawyer on your side can significantly help your case. In fact, those who have personal injury lawyers are, on the whole, likely to recover three times as much as they would if they brought the case on their own. There are many reasons that this is true. When you hire an attorney, you put that person and their team to work for you.

Gathering Evidence

Gathering evidence is perhaps one of the most time-consuming and extensive parts of any bus accident case. In a bus accident, evidence that might be helpful in your situation might include:

  • Statements from other passengers
  • Photos and videos of the accident or the damage that it caused
  • Information regarding physical damages to the bus
  • Data regarding your medical damages and how the injury has affected your life
  • Evidence of other losses, such as lost hours at work or resulting harm to family relationships
  • Gathering medical records and talking to specialists about causation damages

Your attorney and their team will work to gather all of this information for you. By not having to take on this responsibility, you can focus on your health and feeling better faster.

Deal with Complicated Relationships

Bus accidents are not like other crashes for a lot of reasons. However, perhaps the most critical reason is the parties that are involved. In the average car accident case, for example, your lawsuit will involve the other driver and his or her insurance company. In a bus accident case, the other parties might include:

  • Bus driver
  • Bussing company
  • Bus company’s insurance carrier
  • Other drivers and their insurance company
  • Other passengers on the bus
  • Government entities that operate public transportation systems
  • School officials and their insurance company

The parties involved will vary based on your situation. If the accident happened while on a school bus, for example, you may need to deal with other students and their families, as well.

There are also specific laws that only apply to government entities and school districts that will complicate matters, too.

Maximize Evidence of Damages

It is not enough to show the judge or jury (or an insurance company) that someone else caused your harm. You must also show how much you were harmed. Proving your specific amount of damages after a bus accident in Raleigh can be a challenge, especially when you are still healing from your injuries.

You may not realize just how much of your life will be affected by your injuries or damage. However, those who work for a bus accident law firm in Raleigh, NC, have seen cases like yours before. An experienced Raleigh bus accident lawyer will be able to help you make an educated “guess” at how your life will be affected by helping you get in touch with the right people. These experts can predict how well you will heal, how your injury will affect your income, and a lot more. You generally do not have access to that kind of information without having a personal injury lawyer, and that may mean you end up settling for far less than what your case is truly worth.

Pairing Legal Knowledge with the Facts

Perhaps the most valuable service that your Raleigh bus accident lawyer can offer is that he or she will know the laws that affect your situation. They can apply the laws to the facts to help you prepare your case and get money damages to help you get back on your feet after an accident.

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