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The capital of the great state of North Carolina is no stranger to Fender Benders and auto accidents alike. If you found yourself to be the victim of an accident then don't be just another disgruntled statistic. With over 10 years of Practice in auto-related injury. Clauson law has you covered.

What kind of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

Raleigh Personal injury lawyers handle several types of negligence cases.

Raleigh Personal injury Lawyer

Raleigh’s population has grown to almost 500,000 according to the 2020 census, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Each year, thousands of people in the Triangle area suffer injuries because someone else acted negligently. When you or your family member are injured because of the carelessness of another driver, or a property owner, or even a corporation that produced a dangerous product, you need to find a trustworthy, experienced Raleigh personal injury lawyer to get you the maximum compensation possible under the law.

What Injuries Do People Suffer?

As an experienced Raleigh personal injury law firm, our attorneys, investigators, paralegals, and administrative support staff have witnessed the devastating agony suffered by personal injury victims and their families. At the Clauson Law Firm, we fight to win the fullest compensation the law allows for our clients.

Many clients suffer injuries in auto accidents that leave them disabled for months, years, or life. Their jobs and careers are interrupted or ended, and their daily lives can be dominated by hospital visits, rehabilitation therapy, relearning basic life activities, and pain.

The violence involved in a motor vehicle crash is surprisingly powerful. Even at low speeds, sitting in a car when it’s struck by another vehicle at a certain angle can inflict serious and long-lasting back and neck injuries. You can then imagine the severity of the injury inflicted on a human body when an accident occurs at a higher speed.

  • death
  • broken and crushedlegs, knees, ankles, and feet (requiring surgical attachment of pins, rods, and plates)
  • broken and shatteredshoulders, arms, hands, ribs, hips (also requiring surgical pins, rods, and plates)
  • severed(amputated) limbs, or portions of limbs (causing months of rehab and long term or permanent disability)
  • internal organ injuryand bleeding requiring surgical repair or removal
  • spinal and back injuries:
  • severed or damaged spinal cord (resulting in various degrees of paralysis)
  • ruptured or herniated discs
  • fractured vertebrae, sometimes requiring surgical removal or fusion
  • skull injuries:
  • skull fractures
  • fracture of the orbital bones around the eyes requiring reconstruction
  • nasal fractures, reconstruction needed
  • a broken jaw and extensive dental damage, reconstruction needed
  • other facial bone injuries resulting in permanent deformity (sunken cheeks)
  • brain injuries:
  • traumatic brain injury (TBI) / diffuse axonal injury (similar to injuries suffered in battle)
  • loss or diminished intellectual functioning
  • concussion and post-concussive syndrome
  • loss of memory or personality change
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • vision or hearing loss
  • loss of speech
  • loss of balance
  • loss of mobility (limited or no function of legs, feet, arms, hands)
  • loss of fine motor skills (finger dexterity and fingertip sensitivity)
  • new psychiatric symptoms, depression, anxiety, mania, withdrawal, impulsiveness, sleep disturbance, eating disorders, shame, guilt, embarrassment, loss of self-esteem, etc.
  • muscle, tendon, ligament damage:
  • whiplash (caused by the sudden, violent change in direction of the head during a crash)
  • torn, strained, or severely bruised muscles in the back, chest, neck, legs, and arms
  • tissue damage requiring surgical reattachment of tendons
  • tissue damage related to dislocated joints
  • skin injuries:
  • lacerations from sharp metal, glass, or hard plastics (extensive suturing required)
  • degloving injuries (large area of top skin layers cut away in a flap or completely removed down to muscle or bone due to deep cut)
  • burns requiring skin grafts, debridement, causing permanent disfigurement and scars

*Most of these injuries and the medical treatment required often present an opportunity for serious, life-threatening infections, sometimes causing more damage than the original injury.

Yes, these are all injuries that a personal injury lawyer in Raleigh, NC can confront at any time when representing accident victims here in the Triangle. No rule or law of nature protects anyone from suffering this kind of damage when another person neglects their duty to act reasonably.

Winning Compensation for All Damages and Losses You Suffered

Now that you have seen a list of some of the injuries you or your family member may suffer, let’s review what you deserve to be compensated for in a Raleigh personal injury case. The law permits your lawyer to bring a personal injury lawsuit or personal injury claim against the person whose negligence caused your injuries and other damages and losses.

But the experience and expertise that your Raleigh personal injury lawyer developed over years of practicing personal injury law near you is directly related to how successful they will be. At Clauson Law, we specialize in winning the maximum compensation and the largest personal injury settlements our clients’ injury cases deserve.

We fight to get you financial compensation for everything you and your family lost and everything in the future you are likely to lose because of the negligence of the responsible party:

  • all expenses for emergency medical treatment, hospitalization, specialist’s consultation fees, lab tests, MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, medications, surgical procedures, and transportation (ambulance or helicopter)
  • all follow-up healthcare and medical expenses, specialist referrals, restorative or reconstructive surgeries and procedures, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational rehabilitation therapy, assistive equipment (wheelchair, accessibility modification of home, ramps), prosthetics, etc.
  • full compensation for all past, current, and future lost wages and lost earnings
  • loss of earning capacity for lost ability to earn (distinct from future lost earnings)
  • loss of enjoyment of life
  • loss of use of any limb or body part or function
  • pain and suffering (compensation for actual physical pain, agony, and suffering, plus emotional or psychic suffering, sadness, withdrawal, personality change, fear, depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • loss of society, consortium, companionship, and guidance for your spouse or children
  • compensation for all damaged property
  • punitive damages (only in cases where the conduct causing the injury was intentional or demonstrated a wanton and reckless disregard for the safety of others)

Why Hire a Raleigh Personal Injury Law Firm?

Everyone sees the lawyer advertisements on television encouraging anyone who is injured to call a lawyer who is hundreds of miles away but who has a huge marketing budget. Some of those lawyers are not even in North Carolina! Their strategy is to get hundreds of injured victims to contact their office so they can filter out all the cases that won’t bring them a massive fee or will require too much work.

Hiring a Raleigh personal injury firm like Clauson Law puts you, as a personal injury victim, in close touch with a lawyer who is always accessible to you and your family and who knows and cares about the community.

Do you know what one of the most common Google searches is? It's, personal injury lawyer near me.

If you live in the Triangle, the benefits of working with a personal injury lawyer in Raleigh are immediately apparent during your first consultation.

A Raleigh personal injury law firm like the Clauson Law Firm works with or employs local investigators who can visit the scene of your injury within hours to identify and record valuable evidence that remains on the scene. The investigator takes photographs and searches for any nearby video or surveillance cameras that may have recorded the accident. A survey of area residents or businesses can reveal witnesses who saw or heard important events. They can also note the traffic lights’ operating condition, the presence of a stop sign, skid marks, road conditions, and other obstructions.

Working with a Raleigh personal injury lawyer also permits your lawyer to meet and communicate with your family, your witnesses, and your treating physicians and therapists. We can obtain medical and financial records more efficiently from our local law office.

And perhaps more important than any of those practical reasons is the fact that we care about the community we work in and our families live in. As one of our neighbors, you matter to us.

Trusting the Clauson Law Firm — We fight for our clients’ maximum compensation

The importance of trust is often overlooked in the relationship between a personal injury victim and their personal injury attorney. It may seem to outsiders like just business for a law firm, but we know it’s much more than that.

Clauson Law clients can trust our lawyers and our staff with personal information and truths they might not even share with their friends. For example, it is not unusual for people who suffer a serious personal injury to feel agonizing pain for extended periods following their accident. To relieve that tormenting pain, medication is prescribed to help make the injury a bit more endurable.

Unfortunately, our bodies often become dependent on these powerful pain relievers, and what begins as welcome medicine develops into a substance addiction that gradually damages theirs and their family’s lives. We understand that cycle because it happens to injury victims across the world. Our clients can trust us with the truth of their experience. Armed with an accurate picture of the afflicted client, The Clauson Law Firm can help recover appropriate compensation to finance the clinical and therapeutic support necessary to treat and battle the accident-related pain medication addiction.

Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits before your personal injury claim settles!

Supporting yourself and your family when you suffer a personal injury severe enough to prevent you from working for a year or more is a Herculean challenge. The Clauson Law Firm is one of North Carolina’s few certified specialist Social Security Disability lawyers. When your injury is likely to keep you from performing a substantial gainful activity (SGA) for at least 12 months, Clauson Law can expertly prepare and present a compelling application for you to receive the Social Security Disability (SSD or SSDI) benefits you earned by working and paying taxes.

The amount of your SSD benefit payments is determined by your average indexed monthly earnings (AIME) over your working life. An equation is applied to set your payment level that will not exceed 80% of your usual earnings.

If your SSD claim is approved, you will receive monthly benefit payments and retroactive SSD benefits to the date of your disability less a five-month waiting period. When your personal injury case is ultimately settled, the Social Security Administration usually requires repayment of the benefits you received for which you are also being compensated in your personal injury settlement. However, some settlement agreements specify that the settlement funds are specifically or primarily intended to compensate future pain, suffering, and medical expenses. If the settlement does not include payment for the wages for which you received benefits, the repayment of benefits might be more limited.

Only by thoughtful, forward-looking, expert Social Security Disability and personal injury legal work can appropriate settlement terms effectively preserve more of your settlement from benefit repayment obligations. If appropriate, the Clauson Law Firm has the professional experience to ensure you and your family can retain the highest amount of your personal injury settlement allowed by law.

How the Personal Injury Legal System Works

The American legal process wasn’t created in a single stroke of the pen; it developed slowly in each state as the needs of the community required. But for centuries, only the rich could afford to hire lawyers to bring the people who wronged them to court. It was in the early 1800s when the lawyers and judges in the U.S. acted to make the courts more accessible to people with few financial resources by creating the contingency fee contract.

In the 20th century, Congress and many state legislatures enacted statutes that included provisions for the defendant to pay the plaintiff’s attorney’s fees if the plaintiff won the case. These systems were created to accomplish the goal of improving the health and safety of the citizens. A negligent company would be able to continue acting in violation of the law without penalty if the victim was unable to finance a personal injury lawsuit. By providing fees to be paid either by the defendant who loses or by letting the lawyer retain a portion of the final settlement as their fee, individuals found lawyers who were willing to accept their personal injury claims and serve the overall public good by penalizing those who harmed others by acting negligently.

Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ's

Is it worth hiring a personal injury attorney in Raleigh?

Without question, when you’re injured, hiring a personal injury attorney is well worth it. Quite simply stated, you don’t know what you don’t know. If you attempt to represent yourself or hire an attorney who doesn’t understand personal injury law, you may miss out on valuable compensation that you would otherwise be entitled to. Don’t take that chance.

What kinds of cases do Raleigh personal injury lawyers handle?

We have a talented team of Raleigh personal injury attorneys who understand all of the complexities of personal injury litigation and can represent clients in a wide variety of personal injury claims including bus accident, wrongful death, car accident, truck accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, tractor-trailer accident claims, and more.

What are the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Raleigh?

There are several benefits to hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you in your lawsuit. First and foremost, personal injury attorneys like the Clauson Law team in Raleigh understand the law. They know the best legal strategies to pursue on your behalf to try and help you recover the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys understand insurance companies. We know the methods they use to try and lower your compensation – and we know how to fight back. We understand how to negotiate on your behalf, and we can help you make the best legal decisions for your case. 

What is it like being a Raleigh personal injury lawyer?

Being a personal injury lawyer means putting your clients first. It means fighting for your clients to receive the compensation they deserve, so they can move forward toward a better and brighter chapter ahead. Doing so means that personal injury attorneys spend their days doing what they can to move their clients’ cases forward. This may mean investigating an accident. It may mean reviewing evidence. It may mean negotiating with an insurance company or communicating with opposing counsel. There are a number of ways that personal injury attorneys fight to give their clients the best representation possible – our Raleigh team of personal injury attorneys at The Clauson Law Firm considers it an honor to do that for every client who walks through our doors.

How long do I have to file a personal injury case in Raleigh?

Each state has limits on how long victims have to file a lawsuit after suffering harm. In legal terms, this is called a “statute of limitations”. In North Carolina, the statute of limitations on personal injury claims is generally three years from the date of injury, although it is advised to file your lawsuit much sooner than that if you are able.

The Clauson Law Firm  – Personal Injury Lawyers Here for You

At The Clauson Law Firm, we understand how difficult and overwhelming it can feel to be injured as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault. We know how stressful it can be to worry about how you’ll pay your bills, provide for your family, and heal from your injuries. That’s why we’re here to help. Our talented team of Raleigh personal injury attorneys will help you pursue the compensation you deserve, so you can focus on your recovery. If you’re ready to get started, visit our website at www.clausonlaw.com, or call us at 1-833-680-0177. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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