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Death is a tragic part of life, but when it happens due to a preventable situation that's when it hurts us the most. A Charlotte wrongful death lawyer can be the most important person you speak with after a loved one has been killed in an accident. When you are unsure of your rights or if you have the legal eligibility to file a claim look no further than Clauson law.

Wrongful Death Attorney in Charlotte, NC

A Charlotte wrongful death lawyer can be the most important person you speak with after a loved one has been killed in an accident. When you are unsure of your rights or if you have the legal eligibility to file a claim, an experienced Charlotte wrongful death lawyer will be the person to guide you through this process and to give you the support that you need going forward.

Charlotte Wrongful Death AttorneyNorth Carolina Statute section 28-A-18-2 define wrongful deaths as those that are caused by neglect, the defaults of another person or a wrongful death. This can trigger a wrongful lawsuit filed by surviving family members who have suffered their greatest losses as the result of a loved one being killed.

We know that there are many things to work through and think about in the wake of losing someone you cared about. We treat your family with care, compassion, and the individualized attention that you need during this extremely difficult time. We keep you informed so that you’ll always know where your case is at and the options available to you.

All About Wrongful Death Cases

A Charlotte wrongful death lawyer will explain to you the legal process that your case goes through when your family is attempting to cope with their grief and move on. A wrongful death case in North Carolina is a civil issue that needs to be initiated by the personal representative of the deceased person's estate.

Liability in a Charlotte wrongful death case is addressed through monetary damages. Wrongful death claims can be started even if a related criminal case going forward based on the same situation. To be clear about your rights and what makes these individual cases different, you’ll want a wrongful death lawyer at your side to help advise you on preparation. 

Eligibility to File a Charlotte Wrongful Death Claim

Only certain parties are qualified to initiate a Charlotte wrongful death claim. The personal representative of this deceased individual's estate must be the one who files the suit in court. This wrongful death claim can seek recovery of compensation and damages for both family members and the estate.

There is a good chance that if the deceased individual had an existing estate plan, that the personal representative responsible for filing such a case is named in that document. If there was no person named as a personal representative or if the individual called out by the deceased’s estate plan cannot serve, the court takes on the responsibility of appointing somebody else.

Time Limits for Filing a charlotte Wrongful Death Claim

Each state has a statute of limitations that sets the maximum time period, enabling people to file personal injury cases including wrongful death. In North Carolina, these claims must be filed within three years of the date of the deceased individual's death. Attempting to file a North Carolina wrongful death claim after this point in time will render the legal case null and void. A Charlotte wrongful death law firm can assist you with filing a wrongful death claim as soon as possible. A Charlotte, NC wrongful death lawyer will also explain the various stages of the case to your family so that you understand what to expect.

Charlotte Wrongful Death Damage Types

Charlotte Wrongful Death AttorneyThere are a number of different kinds of losses that can be documented by your Charlotte, NC wrongful death law firm in pursuing a legal claim. These include lost income, pain and suffering, reasonable burial and funeral expenses, medical expenses or hospice support for the deceased individual due to the final injury or illness, loss of the deceased individual’s protection care and services, and loss of companionship and advice. In certain situations, punitive damages could also be awarded in your Charlotte wrongful death case.

If damages result from the case, the estate gets paid out first for any expenses resulted with the pursuit of that action and then attorney's fees are handled followed by remaining final expenses like burial costs or medical bills. Any remaining amounts obtained by your Charlotte, NC wrongful death law firm will be distributed to beneficiaries directly.

Importance of Retaining an Wrongful Death Attorney

It is a difficult enough situation to say goodbye forever to a loved one and to know that his or her death could have been prevented. It is very complicated to initiate a North Carolina wrongful death case and having the support and insight of an experienced attorney can make a big difference in the potential outcome of the case. Schedule a consultation with a dedicated wrongful death law firm in Charlotte, NC to get further insight about how these issues apply to your potential case.

Our law firm knows what it’s like to piece your life back together after an accident. We work with victims and families to chart a new course forward while fighting for your maximum compensation level.

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