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Commercial truck accidents can often lead to life-altering injuries. A Charlotte tractor-trailer accident attorney will assist you with all aspects of your legal case as a victim, including investigation of the accident, assistance with filing insurance paperwork, and negotiating settlements or preparing for trial.

Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney Charlotte

A Charlotte tractor-trailer accident attorney will assist you with all aspects of your legal case as a victim, including investigation of the accident, assistance with filing insurance paperwork, and negotiating settlements or preparing for trial.

Unfortunately, commercial truck accidents are far too common not just in Charlotte but around North Carolina, and it is often the victims in other vehicles who pay the most serious price for the injuries they sustained.

Especially if you have a smaller vehicle, you could find yourself suffering the consequences of a vehicle accident as a result of the many trucks traveling on I-85 and I-77 at high speeds on congested roads. If you or someone you know has already been hurt in a Charlotte tractor-trailer vehicle accident, you need the support of an attorney who is very familiar with the state's personal injury laws and the best approach towards recovering your compensation.

The sooner you act the better given that North Carolina has a statute of limitations that means you must file you case within a certain period of time or give up your eligibility to recover damages. Choosing an attorney could make your case much easier to handle in court.

Causes of Tractor Trailer Accidents

Multiple parties could be held liable when your Charlotte tractor-trailer accident attorney files a suit. Your Charlotte tractor-trailer accident lawyer should be contacted immediately after the crash to give him or her the best possible opportunity to investigate the scene of the accident and to collect additional evidence when necessary.

Far too often truck drivers attempting to meet scheduled deadlines and wrap up their day means that they end up tired, distracted, or simply reckless. Some of the most common causes for trucking accidents in Charlotte and beyond include inadequate training or licensing of the driver, inappropriate maintenance of the commercial motor vehicle, failing to ensure that the cargo has been properly loaded and secured, lack of supervision and oversight over the driver, distracted driving and drunk driving. Sadly, as an accident victim, it can be devastating to realize that all of these issues could have been prevented.

Skipping important safety training or vehicle inspections could have deadly consequences for someone in a smaller vehicle. Truck accident lawsuits can be further complicated by needing to file suit against multiple liable parties. In the event that defective equipment contributed to the truck accident, more than one entity could be held responsible for the injuries you sustained. Some of the types of equipment that could contribute to a truck crash include defective hydraulic systems, steering systems, hitches, tires, and engine failure. 

Violations of safety regulations often regularly contribute to these types of accidents and prompt you to need to contact a tractor accident law firm in Charlotte, NC. It is important to select a Charlotte trailer accident attorney who is very familiar with all applicable regulations and laws associated with truck accidents, such as hours of service regulations, training and qualification driver issues, maintenance and repair, and cargo concerns.

Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney for Claim Compensation

Commercial truck drivers and interstate trucking companies are responsible for carrying high amounts of insurance because of the major harm that can be caused in a truck accident. There are many different types of compensation that could be available to you when your Charlotte tractor-trailer accident attorney files suit.

This can include vehicle replacement or repair, medical costs associated with the accident, lost earnings as a result of injuries sustained in the crash, reduced future earnings, punitive damages, and pain and suffering. As the surviving loved one of a family member who was killed in a Charlotte tractor-trailer crash, you could be eligible to initiate a Charlotte, NC wrongful death case, if you are the personal representative of that estate.

What to Do After an Tractor Trailer Accident?

Your first priority after any major accident should be to get medical attention. Since many of the most serious injuries are not visible to the naked eye, you need to be tested and evaluated at a hospital or with your primary care physician. This is your first opportunity to get a sense of the long-term implications of your accident and this information is helpful to know before you file a lawsuit with the help of a lawyer.

Filing an accident claim is another thing to do after you’ve gotten immediate medical attention. You can’t always get the insurance company to work with you as effectively as you might like, so be prepared to engage an attorney if you need to.

Why You Need a Charlotte, NC Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorney

The attorneys at our Charlotte, NC tractor-trailer accident law firm understand that truck accidents can be notoriously complex as a result of regulations, higher stakes, and more parties involved. It is imperative to retain the services of a tractor-trailer accident law firm that has extensive experience in this area of the law and is committed to doing everything necessary to support your best possible outcome.

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