Bicycle Accident Attorney in High Point

A bicycle accident in High Point can be a very confusing and life-changing experience. Unfortunately, the reality for a victim can mean significant injuries and costly expenses to treat those injuries. Given the many complicated factors involved in the process of recovering from a bicycle accident, you need an experienced High Point bicycle accident lawyer who cares about the outcome of your case.

Bicycle Accident Attorney in High Point

Let A High Point Bicycle Accident Attorney Work With Insurance Companies on Your Behalf

North Carolina is a great place for bicycle riding nearly year-round. Whether you bicycle for sport, for fun, or as an alternative commute, you understand why so many people love riding a bicycle. 

In 2018, 859 bicyclists were killed in the US in an accident involving a car. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that it was the highest number of bicycle-related deaths since 1990.

Urbanization and expansion of suburbs all around North Carolina cities has turned some once-pleasant riding areas into a competition with motor vehicles. Now, bicyclists must exercise more caution every time they decide to ride around High Point.

North Carolina Bicycle Accident Laws

If you’re not familiar with the laws for bicycling, here is an overview:

  • Bicycles are considered “vehicles” on public roads, just like cars and trucks
  • Cyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers and are subject to NC’s DWI statutes
  • Helmets are required for riders under 16
  • Lights, mirrors, and horns are required
  • A Cyclist is required to ride in the right lane when slower than motor vehicle traffic
  • Always ride in the same direction as other traffic. Riding and facing oncoming cars is one of the top causes of bicycling accidents
  • Riding on the sidewalk may or may not be legal, depending on where you are. Individual municipalities have their own laws
  • There is no state law for group riding, but “two abreast” is legal in most places. Individual municipalities may have their own laws
  • Unofficial bicycle racing is prohibited

Although helmets aren’t required for riders over 16, we always recommend them for the protection they can offer against serious head injuries.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Cyclists who come in hard contact with a car or small truck have little or no protection from injuries, even wearing a helmet and other protective gear. Biking accidents can lead to injuries such as:

  • Head & neck injuries, including traumatic brain injuries
  • Jaw and dental injuries
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Broken bones and lacerations
  • Joint dislocation
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis

Some of these injuries can leave you permanently disabled. If you are in an accident while riding, one of the most important things you can do is to contact a High Point Bicycle Accident Law Firm when you return home from the hospital.

After Your Bicycle Accident

When a car hits a bicyclist, it’s a frightening experience that can leave a cyclist with serious and possibly mortal injuries. But it’s what you do after the crash that is important to your case.

  • Get medical attention.If you haven’t already visited the emergency room, an urgent care clinic, or your primary care physician, do it immediately. Those minor scrapes, aches and pains may be indicative of more serious injuries like those described above. If you do not seek medical attention, the other party will likely claim that you are not seriously injured. For your case and the sake of your wellbeing, the sooner you receive medical attention, the better.
  • Retain all damaged property and other evidence.Keep your bicycle, helmet, and any other property that shows damage. Take pictures of the crash site, your injuries, and your damaged property as well, and keep them in a file.
  • Keep all medical records, bills, and insurance correspondence related to your accident, along with witness names and contact information.
  • Get a copy of the police report for your accident. You can obtain police reports online at the High Point Police Department’s website, or by calling 336-887-7940.
  • Make an  appointment with a Bicycle Accident Law Firm High Point NC

When it’s time for your appointment, bring as much of the evidence as you can, and pictures of what you can’t (such as your bicycle.)

Dealing With The Other Party

Insurance companies are usually unfriendly and unsympathetic towards bicycle accident claims. One tactic is to place the responsibility for the crash on the cyclist to deny your claim outright.

North Carolina’s “contributory negligence” statute means that if you are responsible or contribute in any way to your accident, you won’t be able to collect damages in any amount. Insurance companies use contributory negligence as often as they can to keep from paying out settlements. It’s one reason why it’s so important to enlist the help of a High Point Bicycle Accident Attorney as quickly as possible after the accident.

We must emphasize one of the most important parts of dealing with insurers:

DO NOT give a recorded statement to anyone or accept any settlement offers without speaking to a High Point NC Bicycle Accident Lawyer.

If you have to report your accident to your own insurer within a specific time frame, do so. But it’s better to speak to us before you do so.

You’re not required to speak to the other party’s insurer, and they can take anything you say and use it to deny your claim. Don’t accept any settlement offer or give a statement to the other party’s insurer (recorded or not) without talking to us first.

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If you’ve been injured as a result of a negligent driver, a defective or improperly assembled bicycle, or an unsafe road condition, Clauson Law is ready to help you pick up the pieces after your bicycle accident.

North Carolina has a three-year statute of limitations on personal injury cases, so it’s important to act quickly. If you wait, you could lose your right to recover compensation.

We are a High Point Bicycle Accident Law Firm that is committed the rights of bicyclists in High Point, NC and the surrounding area. Fortunately, we’ve handled many of these kinds of cases, and are ready to help you with yours. We can offer you a free consultation to discuss your case and give you our suggestions. Call The Clauson Law Firm today at 877-338-8515, or use our online contact form to get in touch.

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