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High Point Auto Accident Attorney

Having the right High Point auto accident attorney plays a crucial role through the development of your case, from filing the initial paperwork to responding to settlement negotiations. Clauson Law has been fighting for the rights of the injured in Charlotte for over 10 years.

Hire A High Point Auto Accident Attorney

It’s not the biggest city in the Tarheel State, but High Point has been growing quickly. It’s a family-friendly and diverse city with great schools. Easy access to essentials make it ideal for raising a family. Drive two hours in one direction to take a trip to the mountains. Two hours in another direction takes you to the beach.

High Point NC is a laid-back city with a small-town feel that people appreciate, and a downtown that’s being revitalized. South University, Laurel University, and High Point University bring in students from around the nation for at least four years, and many settle here. The twice-yearly international furniture market brings in marketers and visitors from around the world.

Pleasant and affordable, High Point sits right in between Greensboro and Winston-Salem without the traffic.

High Point Accidents

Like any city, anytime you drive, there’s always the chance of having an auto accident.

In 2018, North Carolina saw a total of 281,685 auto accidents with 80,653 injury accidents and 1,324 fatality accidents. There were 125,454 people injured and 1,442 deaths, up 3.3% from 2017. Guilford County saw 2,706 accidents with 735 injuries and 4 fatalities. (source: NC DMV.)

Alcohol, speeding and distracted driving were some of the top causes.Nationwide, drunk driving accidents accounted for nearly 30% of all accidents, more than 10,000.

The age group with the highest rate of accidents was 20-29, followed by 30-39.

Having An Auto Accident In High Point, NC

No one expects to be in an auto accident, but it happens more often than we’d like.

You can experience a car accident with:

  1. Another passenger vehicle
  2. A commercial van (i.e., delivery van like UPS or FedEx)
  3. A commercial truck (a big 18-wheeler truck)
  4. A bicycle
  5. A pedestrian

Road hazards, weather conditions, various defective vehicle parts such as tires, and other obstacles can cause a crash without another party.

Why Hire A High Point Auto Accident Law Firm?

Think about it this way—how often do you have a car accident? Do you have them often enough that you know how the system works?

Probably not.

You may be able to handle a minor claim on your own, and that’s OK if there isn’t a lawsuit involved. But chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve had a serious car accident in High Point, NC, and maybe your car is totaled. Maybe you’ve suffered serious injuries and spent time in the hospital. Will you be able to negotiate for a settlement that covers everything?

Insurance companies have one goal in mind: not paying your claim. If the insurer knows that you are not represented by an auto accident lawyer, they will treat you differently than if you have legal representation. For one thing, they know that you probably won’t file a lawsuit—with the possibility of a jury trial—without a lawyer. Adjusters also know that they can take advantage of your inexperience with auto accident cases to make sure you don’t get a fair settlement.

What about your medical bills? Will you have enough? If you have health insurance that covers your medical bills, they can put a lien on any settlement you get. What will you have left?

We strongly suggest speaking with a lawyer before you say anything to an insurance adjuster from either your own company or the other party’s. Anything you say to them can be used to deny your claim.

The more serious your damages and injuries, the more you need the help of a High Point auto accident lawyer.

Finding An Auto Accident Law Firm In High Point NC

Whatever the cause of your accident, you’ll need help afterwards. It’s important to find an experienced High Point Auto Accident Attorney who will help you through every step of the process.

From obtaining a copy of the police report to investigation and discovering the responsible party, it’s important to find the right legal counsel for your needs.

Where do you find one? You could look in the phone book, go online, or use the local bar association, but you may not find the right one. You can ask your family and friends if they know of an attorney who handles auto accidents.

Or you can just call us.

Clauson Law Is Your Auto Accident Specialist In High Point, North Carolina

From a minor fender bender to a major accident, getting help from a High Point Auto Accident Lawyer puts you at an advantage. Clauson Law has been helping injured High Point accident victims for more than ten years, and is ready to help you. If you’ve been in an auto accident in High Point and need help but don’t know who to turn to, contact us at Clauson Law for a free case review. You can also call us at 833-680-0177, or email our law firm at [email protected].

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