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Most Americans today view owning a car as a necessity rather than a luxury. According to statistics gathered by The Hedges Company, there are 284.5 million registered cars in the US as of 2019. With the sheer number of cars on the road today, accidents are all too common. Having the right Fayetteville car accident attorney at Clauson law means you can rest assured that someone is fighting to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Injured? Overwhelmed? At The Clauson Law Firm, we’re here to help.

If you live in the Fayetteville area and you have recently been involved in a car accident, you may still be reeling from the experience. While many of us drive our cars almost every day, and even though we realize that accidents do occur, most of us don’t expect them to happen to us. As a result, when an accident happens suddenly and through no fault of your own, the consequences can quickly become overwhelming. You may find yourself with an injury that requires ongoing treatment. You may discover that you are unable to enjoy life and hobbies as you did prior to the accident. You may be unable to return to work for a time – or ever. Understandably it can often be very difficult to process these sudden changes, and to decide how to move forward.

Any time you have been in a car accident and have experienced either an injury or significant damage to your vehicle, you will want to explore what legal options you might have available to seek recovery. In many cases, there are several types of damage as you might be able to pursue. The most important thing to do is to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney regarding the options available to you as soon as possible. At The Clauson Law Firm, our dedicated team of car accident attorneys is here to help you decide what might be the best legal strategy to move forward toward seeking the compensation you deserve.

Car Accident Lawyer - Taking a Closer Look at Your Options

In the majority of cases, those who have been the victim of a car accident in which the other driver was at fault will file a legal claim against the other driver and his or her insurance company. There may potentially be other defendants as well, depending upon the nature of the accident. While the circumstances of each case will be slightly different, generally, in order to recover you will need to prove that the other driver involved in the accident was negligent. This essentially means that he or she failed to act with the level of care required in the circumstances, and that this negligence resulted in the accident that caused your injuries.

If you can establish that the other driver was at fault, and that the accident at issue caused your injuries, you may be able to seek a number of different types of damages, including:

  • Damages for your medical expenses, including past, present, and anticipated future expenses;
  • Compensation for lost income, both past and future;
  • Damages to the vehicle or personal property as a result of the accident;
  • Damages for pain and suffering;
  • Damages for loss of consortium;
  • Wrongful death benefits if a loved one’s life was tragically lost in an accident;
  • And more.

Depending upon the nature of your claim and the response of the defendant, your case may settle in the early stages, or it may proceed to a trial. Whatever legal strategy you use, and whatever damages you decide to pursue, it is also important to understand that in North Carolina, a statute of limitations applies to all car accident and wrongful death claims. A statute of limitations is essentially a limit on a plaintiff’s right to bring a particular kind of lawsuit. The statutory time limit will vary depending upon the type of claim you’re bringing. The important thing is to act as soon as possible. When you need and deserve compensation for your injuries, moving forward quickly is typically the wisest choice.

Fayetteville Car Accident Attorneys Here for You

At The Clauson Law Firm, we believe that whatever legal option you choose for pursuing compensation after a car accident, you need the right blend of knowledge and experience on your side. That is why we are here to provide exactly that. We are passionate about helping clients just like you fight to assert their rights and recover the compensation they are entitled to – and we have over a decade of experience practicing car accident cases to prove it.

We are proud of our record of successfully representing clients in a wide variety of circumstances, and helping those clients to receive the settlements they deserved. It has been our privilege to watch our clients move forward toward their next new chapter with hope and optimism about the future, instead of anxiety and worry about their accident and the damage it caused. We would be honored to do the same for you.

If you are ready to begin moving forward with your claim, there is no time like now to get started. We would be thankful for the opportunity to speak with you, listen to your story, and let you know how we might be able to help. Please visit us on our website at, or call us at (833)680-0177. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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clauson law
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