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Our experienced Durham truck accident lawyers understand the causes of accidents and possess the experience and skill required to investigate your claim, identify the parties responsible for causing the crash and gather the evidence necessary to build a solid case.

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Truck Accident Attorney in DurhamTraveling in and around Durham, North Carolina, can be a challenge with a mix of trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles sharing the roads with cars, SUVs and other passenger vehicles. The size and weight of a truck can have devasting consequences in a collision at highway speeds and contribute to the fatalities and serious personal injuries suffered in the more than 500,000 traffic accidents that occur annually according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation

The Clauson Law Firm, PLLC, has earned a reputation as a premier Durham truck accident law firm with personal injuries attorneys committed to aggressively fighting for the rights of the victims of truck accidents. Their knowledge of trucking laws and regulations gives them the ability to identify and gather the evidence needed to build a strong claim for compensation against negligent and careless drivers and owners of trucks involved in collisions.

Common Causes of Durham Truck Accidents Injuries

A collision caused by a truck may involve multiple causes attributable to different parties, including the following:

Durham Car Accident Attorney

  • Drivers: Negligent, careless or reckless behavior on the part of the driver of a truck may include distracted driving, fatigue, speeding, alcohol or drug impairment, unsafe land changes, tailgating, failing to obey stop signs and traffic lights, and failing to yield the right of way.
  • Owners: Trucking companies and individual owners must conduct periodic inspections and perform routine maintenance and repairs to ensure the various systems responsible for a truck's safe operation do not fail in an emergency. Brake failure could cause a truck to crash into the rear of stopped or slowing vehicles. Improperly maintained steering systems could cause a driver to avoid a collision with another vehicle or with an object in the road. A faulty suspension system could make a fully loaded truck difficult to control in a turn or during an emergency maneuver by the driver. Worn tires and lights that do not function properly can cause or contribute to causing a truck accident.
  • Third parties: Leasing companies that rent trucks to drivers or to trucking companies may share responsibility for the failure of a vehicle to be safely operated or maintained. A shipper of merchandise that loads a truck may be liable for not properly securing it when it shifts and causes the truck to crash.

Our Durham NC truck accident lawyer understands the causes of truck accidents and possesses the experience and skill required to investigate your claim, identify the parties responsible for causing the crash and gather the evidence necessary to build a solid case to recover the compensation you deserve.

Durham Truck Accident Attorney Committed to Fighting for Victims & Their Families

Durham Car Accident Attorney

It takes time to recover from the devastating injuries frequently associated with truck accidents. We want you to focus on listening to and following the instructions of the medical professionals treating your injuries while we handle the claims adjusters from working for the companies that insure the parties responsible for causing the truck accident.

The insurance companies, defense lawyers and trucking companies use their resources to minimize the extent of your injuries and may even accuse you of contributing to causing the crash. Rest assured that our Durham truck accident lawyer aggressively advocates on your behalf to level the playing field and ensure that you get the maximum compensation the law allows for the injuries you suffered.

We fight to ensure that your medical bills, prescription medications, rehabilitation expenses and other costs associated with your care and treatment are paid by the parties whose negligence or reckless behavior caused you to be injured.

Some of the injuries that may occur when a large truck crashes into a smaller vehicle include the following:

  • Lacerations that may cause scarring and disfigurement.
  • Traumatic brain injury and concussions.
  • Bone fractures.
  • Head, neck and back injuries.
  • Damage to the spine that may cause paralysis.
  • Burns.
  • Internal injuries.

Injuries that cause you to miss time from work entitle you to be compensated for not only the wages lost while recuperating, but you may also be entitled to recover compensation for diminished future earning capacity caused by a disability associated with the injuries you suffered in the crash. Our Durham truck accident attorney will be discuss the recoverable damages with you in detail.

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At the Clauson Law Firm, PLLC, a compassionate Durham NC truck accident lawyer is available to answer your questions and provide you with an honest evaluation of your claim without cost or obligation on your part. We make a difference with an aggressive strategy designed to make the parties responsible for your injuries pay the maximum compensation available under the law.

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Durham Truck Accident Attorney FAQ's

Who can be sued in a truck accident case?

As experienced truck accident lawyers, we at Clauson Law know that truck accident injury victims often have the legal right to claim compensation from several parties. Most trucks are used to transport and deliver goods for a business. Because trucks are used for business purposes, the driver may be an employee of a furniture store, for example. That store may lease the truck from a transportation leasing company. The leasing company may employ independent contractors to maintain the truck’s tires and brakes using parts they get from another business.

Any one of these parties might have some legal liability for the accident that caused your injuries. A good truck accident attorney considers all corporate connections when determining who to file suit against.

How much will it cost to hire a truck crash lawyer?

At the Clauson Law Firm, you pay nothing unless and until we obtain compensation for your injuries either through a settlement or through litigation. We bear all the costs for any investigation, expert witnesses, and depositions needed to win your case. Our goal is to obtain the fullest possible financial recovery for you. We don’t get paid unless we get you compensation.

What should I do in the days following a truck accident?

As in any accident, after calling the police to the accident scene and getting medical attention, you should contact a Durham truck accident attorney right away. Clauson Law’s truck accident experts want to collect as much information and supporting evidence as possible to prove you were the victim of someone’s negligence.

Photographs, witness interviews, and measurements of the accident scene are more useful the earlier they are collected.

What should I do at the scene of a truck accident?

Your priority should be to call the police and emergency medical help.

If possible, sit down and wait for EMTs or medical personnel to arrive.

Next, if you are able, check to see if witnesses remained at the scene and identify them to the police. Take pictures of everything you can surrounding the crash scene. That includes the vehicles, the traffic lights or stop signs, the road conditions, people standing nearby, and surrounding businesses.

Try not to speak to anyone about the accident or apologize for anything. Good people often feel guilty for things for which they were not responsible. Take care of yourself and let your Durham truck accident lawyer sort out the legal issues.

You can contact the Clauson Law Firm and our experienced Durham truck accident attorney to you help you endure the frightening experience.

What should I do if someone from the trucking company calls me before I've picked a truck accident lawyer?

If someone from the trucking company or an insurance company calls, you should not speak to them before you get a qualified truck accident lawyer in Durham to represent you. You need not answer any questions, including “How are you?” Even if you are in pain, suffering from severe injuries, you may reflexively answer “Fine, how are you?”

If you are contacted by any involved company, by telephone or in-person, simply tell them that you prefer not to speak to them and that the lawyer you hire will contact them. You may also direct them not to contact you directly again.

Hiring the right Durham truck accident will create an immediate line of communication with the at-fault trucking company and their insurer. Clauson Law has decades of experience with defendants’ insurers and their lawyers. We know how to share important information and when to do so.

Let the Clauson Law Firm be your Durham truck accident attorney.

We know how to win.

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