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The bicycle has been heralded as one of man's greatest inventions, simple yet efficient. Whether you ride to stay fit or reduce your carbon footprint accidents can happen. IF you've been injured in a bicycle accident here in Durham look no further than Clauson Law. Our experienced Bicycle Accident Attorneys will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Bicycle Accident Attorney Durham, NC

A Durham NC bicycle accident lawyer aggressively fights for the compensation injured riders deserve.

Bicycle Accident Attorney Durham, NCDurham, NC, offers bicycle riders an abundance of dedicated bike lanes, paths, trails and streets from which to choose whether they ride for exercise or as an alternative to automobiles and buses for their commute to work or to school. Anytime you put bicycle riders in close proximity to each other or traveling on roads used by cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles, careless or reckless behavior can lead to a crash.

If you suffer an injury in a crash caused by another party, you need legal advice and guidance you can trust and rely upon from a Durham bicycle accident lawyer. The attorneys at the Clauson Law Firm, PLLC, have proven themselves to be dedicated advocates aggressively fighting for justice and maximum compensation for victims of Durham bicycle accidents. Their results-oriented approach, attention to detail and passionate commitment to the needs of their clients make them the law firm people choose when they need a Durham bicycle accident lawyer.

Reported Durham Bicycle Accident - Injuries & Deaths Data

Bicycle Accident Attorney DurhamThe fresh air and unobstructed view that make bicycling so enjoyable come at a price. Other than a helmet, riders have little in the way of protective equipment to keep them from suffering severe injuries in a crash. According to the most recently available annual data from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, out of 899 bicycle accidents reported to police, 18 people died and another 779 suffered some type of injury.

Some of the common injuries suffered by bicycle riders include the following:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Head injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Neck, back and spinal cord trauma
  • Internal bleeding and damage to internal organs


Durham Bicycle Accident Attorney Financial compensation

The exposure of the rider to the full force of a collision or the impact of being thrown to the ground increases the likelihood of the injuries being severe and requiring extensive medical treatment. Victims of bicycle collisions may be forced to endure years of physical therapy and rehabilitation before being well enough to return to work. Some of them have injuries that are so severe as to cause permanent disability preventing them from ever returning to work.

Durham Bicycle Accident Attorney

An experienced and knowledgeable Durham bicycle accident attorney pursuing a claim for damages against the party whose negligent conduct caused you to be injured may offer financial relief, including compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses,
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost earnings and diminished future earning capacity
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses
  • Prescription medication costs
  • Hospital and emergency department expenses

When a collision causes a death, North Carolina law allows our Durham bicycle accident attorney to bring a wrongful death claim against the party who was at fault.

Damages recoverable on behalf of the surviving members of the family of the victim include:

  • Expenses associated with the medical care furnished to the victim.
  • Emotional and physical pain and suffering endured by the victim.
  • Expenses related to the funeral and burial of the deceased.
  • Compensation for loss of services, care and assistance, and comfort and protection the victim would have provided.
  • Loss of income the victim would have contributed to the support of family members.
  • Compensation for loss of the companionship, advice and guidance the victim would have provided to surviving members of the family.

Durham Bicycle Accident Attorney - Investigating an accident to prove fault

Contacting a Durham bicycle accident lawyer immediately after a crash allows your attorney to begin an investigation and analysis of the facts surrounding it. Collisions involving bicycles usually happen because of negligence on the part of another party.

Durham Bicycle Accident Attorney

Negligence occurs when someone fails to exercise the degree of care the law expects of a reasonably prudent person under similar circumstances, and the failure results in harm being caused to another person. Common forms of negligent behavior that may cause a bicycle accident include:

  • Drivers parking and opening their car door without looking out for approaching bicycle riders.
  • Motorists turning at intersections and failing to yield to bicycle riders having the right of way.
  • Motorists distracted by talking or texting on a cellphone or other activity who fails to see a bicycle rider or drifts into the bicycle rider's lane of travel.

Bicycle riders may also be at fault in causing a collision with another bicycle or with a motor vehicle by not paying attention, failing to stay in designated bike lanes, or engaging in other unsafe or risky behaviors.

Durham Bicycle Accident Attorney

We undertake a careful review of the evidence to identify the cause of the accident and the party or parties who may be at fault. Our goal is to gather evidence of negligent conduct to build a strong case against anyone responsible for causing you to suffer injuries.

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If you suffer injuries as a result of a bicycle crash, the first call you make should be to a Durham bicycle accident attorney at the Clauson Law Firm, PLLC. You will find a compassionate and knowledgeable personal injury attorney willing to offer trusted legal advice and outstanding representation to obtain for you the monetary compensation needed to let you recover from the physical, emotional and financial harm caused by the negligence of another party.

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Durham Bicycle Accident Attorney FAQ's

When should you contact a lawyer after a bicycle accident?

If you are involved in a bike accident in the Durham area, you should contact a Durham bicycle accident attorney right away. As with all accidents involving a multi-ton vehicle and a bicycle, the rider is likely to sustain serious injuries, broken bones, head trauma, and possibly even permanent disabilities.

The seriousness of the injuries calls for an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Durham to conduct an accident scene investigation while the evidence is still fresh. The scene will change over any delay of days or weeks. Valuable evidence that would help prove the negligence of the automobile driver could be lost.

Skilled motorcycle attorneys know that any delay in moving the case forward favors the insurance company or their negligent driver. There’s no downside to contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer in Durham right away.

What do you do after a bicycle accident?

First, contact the police to make sure an official accident report is generated. If the rider’s injuries permit, the bicyclist should take photographs of all the involved vehicles and the surrounding area, including potential witnesses. Try to get the name and contact information of anyone who saw the accident.

From the accident scene, the injured bike rider should go directly to the hospital for emergency medical assessment and treatment. Delaying medical treatment can be misinterpreted as indicating less serious injuries.

At the earliest opportunity after the bicycle accident, contact a qualified bicycle accident lawyer in Durham, someone who knows the area and the typical traffic patterns nearby. If you search “bicycle accident attorney near me,” or “bicycle accident lawyer in Durham,” the Clauson Law Firm should be at or near the top of search engine result page (SERP). We pride ourselves on our dedication to Durham bicycle accident victims.

What percentage do bicycle accident lawyers take?

Nationally, the standard fee arrangement is a one-third contingency fee. This means that at the end of the case, after your bicycle accident lawyer succeeded in winning a financial compensation settlement or court judgment for you, the lawyer can retain 33% of the funds for their legal services.

Like elsewhere in the country, a Durham bike accident attorney may spend a substantial sum of money in advance to get medical records, investigators, expert witnesses, and to pay deposition costs. Some of those costs are reimbursed from the settlement. Of course, a qualified, experienced bicycle accident lawyer will maximize the value of the final settlement, thus delivering the best possible result for the client.

What happens if you accidentally hit a cyclist?

If a motorist strikes a bicyclist, the circumstances of the crash are reviewed to establish whose action or inaction caused the accident.

Occasionally, it might be a bicyclist whose riding is improper. Bicyclists are human too, and they may be at fault for crossing lanes of traffic dangerously or riding too fast in a street with busy driveways. In any case, a motorist who hits a bicycle rider should immediately notify their insurance carrier, and refrain from speaking about the accident until they consult a bicycle accident lawyer near them.

Who is at fault if a bicycle hits a car?

In many bicycle accidents, the point of collision is on the side of the motor vehicle. Does that mean the bicyclist is at fault because his bike hit the car? No.

Most bicycle collisions with cars happen when the motorist turns in front of the bicyclist without yielding, despite the cyclist having a right to the roadway too. The “share the road” campaign conducted in many states aimed to educate motorists that bicycles have the right-of-way in many traffic situations. If a cyclist is riding in the curb-side lane in oncoming traffic, the bike has the right-of-way. Unfortunately, motorists often turn left directly in front of the bike rider, causing the bike to collide with the passenger side of the vehicle. Bicyclists are often victims of others’ negligence despite the bike hitting the vehicle.

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