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Auto Accident Attorney in Durham

An auto accident lawyer Durham takes away the advantage insurance companies have when accident victims handle claims on their own. The experience and litigation skills of the personal injury lawyers at The Clauson Law Firm.

Auto Accident Attorney Durham, North Carolina

Devoted advocate for victims injured in North Carolina auto accidents

Durham, North Carolina has more than its fair share of traffic accidents. Data compiled by the state ranks it within the top 20 of large cities based upon the number of collisions. An auto accident Durham causes financial harm along with serious and life-altering injuries. Burdensome medical bills, lost wages and potential impairment of your future earning capacity make it difficult for accident victims to focus on getting the care and rest they need to recover from their injuries.

If the negligence of another party causes you to be injured in a car crash, The Clauson Law Firm, PLLC, a premier auto accident law firm Durham, wants you to depend on us for knowledgeable and trusted guidance along with strong and aggressive representation. We give you peace of mind knowing that an experienced and highly skilled personal injury attorney has taken on your fight for justice and the monetary compensation you deserve.

The difference an auto accident lawyer Durham makes

Insurance companies for the parties involved in an auto accident with serious injuries immediately assign claims adjusters and dispatch investigators to gather evidence about the crash. They are not looking out for your wellbeing. The primary focus is to minimize the amount of money they pay for the injuries caused by the negligence of their insured.

When you hire us as your lawyers, you have a skilled and dedicated advocate committed to securing the monetary compensation you need and deserve to relieve the financial burden caused by the negligence of another party. Our efforts on your behalf begin immediately after we become your lawyers and include the following:

  • Investigate the crash: We look for evidence supporting your claim for damages against all parties responsible for causing the crash, but we also must be prepared for possible defenses the lawyers hired by the insurance companies may raise. North Carolina continues to follow the legal rule of contributory negligence, which means that any fault on your part that contributed to causing the crash bars you from recovering damages.
  • Assert your claim: Once we identify all parties responsible for causing you to be injured, we formally notify them of the claim for damages. Parties may include drivers, owners, rental car companies, and others identified by our investigation as being at-fault can be held responsible to pay compensation.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies: We aggressively negotiate with the insurance companies for the at-fault parties in an effort to resolve your claim. Insurance companies know that unless a fair settlement can be achieved for our client, we will not hesitate to go to trial to get you the compensation you should receive.

While you work with your doctors and get the rest required to recover from your injuries, we work to make the negligent party that caused the crash pay what you deserve.

Damages recoverable for auto accident Durham

When the negligent, careless or reckless behavior of others cause an auto accident, our focus is on making you whole again by making the party at fault pay damages through settlement or through a jury verdict after trial. The following are some of the types of compensation you may be entitled to receive:

  • Emotional and physical pain and suffering.
  • Medical expenses, including anticipated scar revision surgery or other future medical and rehabilitation services.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation expenses, including the cost of such services anticipated in the future.
  • Lost wages, including lost or diminished earning capacity resulting from any disability caused by the injuries.
  • Property damage, including damage to your vehicle, may be recovered as part of a claim for compensation following a crash.

Catastrophic injuries, such as those causing paralysis, may require long-term care and assistance, which can be extremely expensive, need to be taken into consideration when proving damages in a particular case.

When an auto accident Durham NC causes the death of a loved one, the law allows a cause of action to recover compensation on behalf of surviving members of the family and the estate of the deceased. Our experienced wrongful death attorneys are there to advise family members and take care of pursuing damages when a collision results in a death.

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An auto accident lawyer Durham takes away the advantage insurance companies have when accident victims handle claims on their own. The experience and litigation skills of the personal injury lawyers at The Clauson Law Firm, PLLC, make them formidable advocates for justice and compensation on behalf of victims injured in car wrecks caused by the negligence of another party. Learn more about your rights and how we may be of assistance by arranging a free consultation and case evaluation with one of our attorneys. Call us today at 833-680-0177 or visit our website and complete the convenient contact us form.

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