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Many of us drive on the roadways every day, and although we know accidents occur, we don't expect them to happen to us. That's why it can quickly turn life upside down when you become the victim of an accident caused by another driver's reckless behavior. At Clauson Law, we understand the law surrounding auto accidents, and we have the right blend of knowledge and experience to fight for your rights and the recovery that you deserve.

Wilmington Car Accident Lawyers with Experience

When you’ve been involved in a serious car accident, you may feel overwhelmed – but don’t panic. Help is just a phone call away.

If you live in the Wilmington area and you’ve been the victim of a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may feel panicked, and you probably feel overwhelmed. You may be unable to work, and find yourself facing a stack of mounting medical bills that you can’t pay. It can be terrifying, and it can leave you wondering what you should do, and whether you have any right to recovery under the law.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should know that you aren’t alone. In fact, in 2019, an estimated 38,800 people lost their lives as a result of car accidents – and a staggering 4.4 million people were injured seriously enough to need medical attention. The truth is that a car accident can happen in an instant, but the consequences can be very serious, and may even change the rest of your life. Injuries commonly sustained as a result of car accidents include:

  • Whiplash
  • Head injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Paralysis
  • And other injuries, including death.

These types of injuries are serious, and often require ongoing care. Whatever injury you have sustained, you deserve to have a team fighting for your rights with the right blend of aggressive, yet compassionate representation that will help you to recover the compensation you deserve.

Why Hire a Wilmington Car Accident Attorney?

It’s possible that you’ve arrived at this page because you’re wondering whether an attorney can help, and if you might be entitled to financial compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained as a result of your accident. If so, at The Clauson Law Firm, we have good news for you. Our Wilmington auto accident attorney team specializes in seeking compensation on behalf of clients just like you – those who were injured in car accidents that weren’t their fault, and who deserve compensation for their injuries.

What kind of compensation might you be entitled to? Fortunately, in North Carolina, a variety of types of compensation are available to car accident victims, including:

  • Compensation for your medical bills (for treatment you are currently receiving, and for treatment you have already received or might need in the future);
  • Compensation for lost income with respect to work you were unable to perform as a result of the accident, and the loss of your anticipated earnings in the future;
  • Out of pocket expenses related to the accident – for example for damage to your vehicle or personal items inside of the vehicle;
  • Damages for pain and suffering;
  • Damages for the emotional distress caused by the accident;
  • Compensation for loss of consortium (your ability to enjoy the marital relationship in the way that you once did before the accident);
  • And more.

The type of damages the you may ultimately be able to recover will depend on the facts and circumstances of your particular case. An attorney who knows and understands auto accident law in Wilmington will be able to advise you as to the best way to proceed in order to receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. After all, when you’ve been involved in an auto accident, your focus should be on your health, your recovery, and your future – not on worrying about how you’ll pay your bills and whether or not you can receive the care you deserve.

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At The Clauson Law Firm, we have successfully represented countless clients who, just like you, found themselves involved in an auto accident that was not their fault. They felt overwhelmed, anxious, and unsure what to do next. We are proud to have helped those clients take the steps they needed to take to receive the compensation they rightfully deserved – and we can help you too. Whether you have been involved in a major accident that left you with permanent injuries, or a more minor accident that’s left you with a stack of medical bills and some temporary time off work – we’re here for you.

Our team of auto accident attorneys want to replace your panic with peace of mind. You have enough worries without worrying about how to best pursue your legal claim – you should leave that part to us. Our Wilmington Auto Accident Lawyers are ready and waiting to work on your claim, and there is no better day than today to get started on the road to recovery. We understand the complexities of auto accident law, and the best strategies to pursue on your behalf to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Visit our website at, or call us at (833)680-0177. We look forward to helping you soon.


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clauson law
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