Va Disability Topics

VA Retirement & Payment

Veterans Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payments
Military retirees with disabilities related to service have always been eligible for disability compensation and normal military retirement pay. The issue before 2003 was that the VA required veterans to waive partial retirement pay because they were receiving disability.

VA Local Regional Office Remand

The Role of Your VA Local Regional Office in Remand Process
When the Board of Veterans Appeals hears your case, they do have the option to order it remanded back to the local or regional VA Office for additional review. There are a number of reasons why the Board would decide your case needs to be remanded back to your regional VA office.

VA Housing and Insurance Benefits

Trouble With Getting Your VA Housing and Insurance Benefits? We Are Here to Help
Hiring an attorney or law firm to help guide you through the appeals process for VA Housing and Insurance Benefits can make all the difference when you are unable to make headway by yourself. Whether you are former military or a family member of a deceased veteran.

Office OF Veterans Affairs

Fighting Your Own Battle with The Office of Veterans Affairs? We Can Help!
The Office of Veterans Affairs oversees the assessment of these injuries, and determines the level of a veteran’s disability. A veteran’s level of disability in turn determines their VA disability compensation. However, the VA and veterans frequently find themselves at odds in relation to what constitutes full disability versus partial disability.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Claim for Veterans

PTSD Claim For Veterans and Social Security Disability Benefits
When you experience a traumatic event or stressful event, the psychological ramifications can be debilitating. This can hinder your ability to work and hold down a job. You may be qualified to receive Social Security disability benefits.

Veterans Disability Programs and Payments

Securing Your Veterans Disability
As you no doubt already know, an attempt was recently made to slash federal funding to veterans disability programs and payments. Thankfully, this proposed measure was shot down fairly quickly.