VA Disability Overview

From psychological conditions to amputations, there are a variety of after-effects to military service, and many veterans find they have a difficult time working following their time in the military. That’s why the VA Disability program was created — to give veterans tax-free financial benefits as a result of a physical or mental health condition that started or was made worse during their active military service. The program also provides for disabilities that began after service that have stemmed from military service. VA Disability benefits are designed to give veterans monetary compensation for the loss of working time and ability to work because of these disabilities. Veterans’ benefits are given for both partial and complete disability,which means that some veterans work part time and receive partial disability, while others do not work and are found unemployable. The online application requires veterans to enter information from dependency records, discharge or separation papers, and medical evidence from doctors and hospital reports. Active duty service members who have been injured can speed the process up by applying prior to discharge through the VA Benefits Delivery at Discharge program.
This can be valuable time, as some veterans wait up to six months before receiving a decision on their claim. Should the claim be denied, the process can take even longer — some have waited many years for their case to be resolved. Veterans who choose to work with an attorney, though, have generally found greater success. If you want more information about applying for VA benefits, call attorney Vaughn Clauson. His legal and disability benefit expertise, combined with his experience serving in the U.S. Air Force, has uniquely positioned him to provide detailed support and care for veterans.