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Personal Injury

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Demand Letter

Writing a successful demand letter If you have ever been personally injured by someone, chances are you will need to write a demand letter to the opposing party’s insurance company. This needs to be done before you can receive any type of compensation regarding your injury. A demand letter will allow you to explain the […]

Contingency Agreement

Retainer and Contingency Agreement for an Injury Case An injury that results from an accident can come unexpectedly and out of nowhere. On top of having to worry about your wounds healing, you do not need the added stress of coming up with money for an attorney’s fee in the event you need to seek […]

Understanding Subrogation Actions

Subrogation actions usually pertain to personal injury and property loss cases. If your injuries are due to the fault of someone else, your health insurer may reach out to you to discuss this further to determine if some of the financial responsibility should be on someone else. Subrogation actions are an important part of insurance […]

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