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Apply for SSDI

How to Apply for SSDI in North Carolina

SSDI is designed to provide income supplements to individuals who are physically restricted or impaired in their ability to earn a living through gainful employment. SSDI is for people who are unable to work for a year or longer due to their health. While most disabling conditions are physical, mental conditions in certain circumstances can support a claim for SSDI. While the application process may be undertaken by any individual desiring SSDI benefits, many find the process intimidating and overwhelming. The Clauson Law Firm, LLC has been successfully assisting our clients in the SSDI application process for years. Our staff and attorneys possess the knowledge and experience necessary to enhance your chances at being awarded SSDI. Do not go it alone, let the Clauson Law Firm, LLC guide you down the path to a successful claim for SSDI.
What to Expect

The Clauson Law Firm, LLC has an experienced attorney and staff ready to assist you in the application process. Once you call our office, our polite and friendly staff will assist you in compiling the essential information to initiate the SSDI application process. Once we have gathered information on your employment history, education and training, doctors and healthcare providers, and your disabling medical condition, the Clauson Law Firm, LLC will assist you in the presentation of an accurate and effective application for SSDI.

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