North Carolina Disability Lawyer for Liver Disease

Liver disease has many causes such as: cirrhosis, alcohol abuse, hepatitis, cancer, and other conditions. When the liver starts to fail it can produce very severe symptoms. Symptoms of liver disease are typically nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, jaundice, weakness, fatigue, and weight loss. Liver disease can be disabling if the symptoms are severe. Many Social Security disability applicants complain of severe fatigue and abdominal pain due to the disorder. If you have liver disease of any kind and you are applying for Social Security disability, it is important to have an experienced representative on your side.

Although there are many causes of liver disease, drugs and alcohol use may be the most common. Being addicted to drugs or alcohol, or using drugs and alcohol is not a disability. However, if an applicant has an irreversible condition as a result of drug and/or alcohol use, they may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. To win a Social Security claim when drugs or alcohol are a factor, it is important to prove that even if the person were to stop using drugs and/or alcohol that they would still have a disabling health condition. Many Social Security judges are skeptical of cases where drugs and alcohol are a factor. It is very important to have a representative who understands how drugs and alcohol use can affect your Social Security disability case.

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