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Disability Lawyers

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Greensboro Disability Lawyer

What is Substantial Gainful Activity Where SDD Is Concerned? A question concerning Social Security Disability benefits that is asked often is, what is substantial gainful activity and how does it relate to a claim? SSA regulations use the term substantial gainful activity (SGA) to describe work activity and earnings performed for pay or profit and […]

Contingent Fee Agreement

What is a Contingent Fee Agreement with North Carolina Disability Lawyers? If you are trying to win a disability claim in court, the best thing you can do to help your case is to hire a competent disability lawyer who will help you from start to finish. Unfortunately, the process can be a long one […]

Durham Disability Lawyer

Talk With a Durham Disability Lawyer About Your Care If you are disabled and are without medical insurance, you know how difficult it can be to get the treatment and care that you need. This is certainly true in cases involving physical injuries but can also be true about mental health resources. If you are […]

Chapel Hill Attorney

Experienced Chapel Hill Medical Benefits Attorney While it may seem like there are few options for people without health insurance when it comes to medical care, our firm can point clients toward- other means of getting that care. These resources may include: Teaching hospitals University clinics and hospitals, including Duke, Wake Forest and the University […]

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