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Understanding Reconsideration Review

Understand How the Reconsideration Review Works for You

It is common for a first time claimant to be denied. This does not mean that you will not receive Social Security Disability benefits. The appeals process, otherwise known as Reconsideration, is the next step taken after your initial claim has been turned down. When you have been denied disability in NC, you need legal representation from the professionals at The Clauson Law Firm. A Reconsideration Request is reviewed by a different disability examiner assigned to assess your case. This is handled within the Disability Determination Services office. Unfortunately, your case is reviewed in the same office in which it was initially denied and almost all request for reconsideration claims are denied. The denial rate for reconsideration claims is higher than the denial rate for initial applications.
Pay Close Attention to Deadline Dates

Reconsideration Requests have a strict 60 day deadline, from the time the notice of disapproved claim letter is received. Social Security assumes it takes 5 days for claimants to receive denial letters, so appeals must be completed within 65 days of the date on the denial letter. We understand the frustration that comes with being denied an SSD or SSI disability claim. When you are denied disability in North Carolina the appeals process must be adhered to in order to take your claim to the next level. An experienced and skilled attorney from The Clauson Law Firm can make sure that your appeals are filed timely and correctly. If there is a particular reason you missed the date set, you must have good cause. You want to avoid missing an appeal deadline, but if you do, sometimes Social Security allows you to file the late appeal with good cause, as outlined here:

A few Acceptable Reasons to File a Late Appeal with Good Cause

  • There was a death or serious illness in your immediate family
  • You were seriously ill and/or hospitalized which prevented you from appealing
  • You did not receive a denial letter
  • You were misled by Social Security

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