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The truth of the matter is that highways and byways across the country can be very dangerous places for motorcyclists. The harsh and unfortunate reality is that many drivers often simply aren't looking out for motorcyclists as they should - and the consequences can be significant.

Respecting and Protecting Motorcycle Riders

Motorcyclists don’t get enough respect from other drivers.

Over 40% of all motorcycle fatalities are caused by another vehicle turning left into the path of an oncoming rider.

Greenville has seen too many motorcycle riders killed or injured in recent years. Just this past May, a Greenville motorcyclist was killed when a car pulled into his path without warning and without yielding to the motorcycle. The same thing happened again in September when another car turned left in front of an oncoming rider, critically injuring the motorcyclist.

A car parked on the side of a roadDescription automatically generatedNorth Carolina has the 5th highest rate of motorcyclist deaths in the United States.More than 185 motorcyclists died on North Carolina roads in 2019, the highest number in five years. Injuries suffered by motorcyclists climbed to more than 3500 if we include riders of mopeds, motor scooters, and motor bikes along with motorcycles.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Clauson Law know the special road hazards riders face.

Motorcycles made up only 3% of all registered motor vehicles in the U.S., but motorcycle riders account for 15% of all traffic fatalities.

Motorcycles are less visible to other motorists. Even at moderate speeds, motorcyclists suffer severe injuries. Injuries very often include “road rash,” the stripping away of a rider’s skin caused by sliding on pavement for long distances. These abrasions can be so deep they expose bone.

Other serious injuries suffered by motorcyclists:

  • Fractured facial bones and disfiguring scars
  • Broken shoulders, arms, and legs, sometimes requiring amputation
  • Multiple chest injuries, including broken ribs and punctured lungs
  • Broken spinal column, crushed vertebrae, and ruptured disks
  • Severe spinal cord injury resulting in partial or total paralysis
  • Fractured skull with traumatic brain injury and residual brain damage

Motorcyclists deserve full financial compensation

Our Clauson Law Firm team of experienced lawyers, investigators, paralegals, administrators, and support staff know that automobile drivers often fail to recognize that motorcycles deserve the same right-of-way as any other car on the road.

 A driver’s failure to yield to a motorcycle when appropriate is negligence, and injuries caused by that negligence entitles you to full financial compensation for all the damages you suffer.

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  •  Medical bills for emergency treatment, surgery, medications, and appropriate rehab equipment,
  •  Future medical costs for long term therapy or follow-up care for as long as necessary,
  •  Lost wages and compensation for lost earning potential due to disability,
  •  Compensation for all physical and psychological pain and suffering,
  •  Compensation to family members for loss of your companionship, support, and loving guidance,
  •  Complete restitution for any and all property damage.

Clauson Law is Greenville’s aggressive motorcycle accident lawyer. 

Bias Against Motorcycle Riders

Clauson Law is fully prepared to overcome another obstacle motorcycle riders face, bias against anyone who rides a motorcycle. Most long-time time motorcycle riders have experienced negative reactions from other drivers. Some people just seem to harbor a prejudice against people who ride. The lawyer handling your motorcycle accident claim needs to identify, confront, and counter any anti-motorcycle prejudices in decision makers involved in your case. Clauson Law is on guard against bias.

Bias against motorcyclists can impact your accident case in several ways:

Police Accident Report– Even a fair and courteous police officer responding to an accident scene may assume a car’s collision with a motorcycle was the rider’s fault. This kind of unconscious bias against riders can show up in the way the police report is drafted. Prior experience with careless motorcycle riders leads people to assume most, if not all riders drive carelessly or take unnecessary risks.

Low Settlement Offer– Insurance adjusters and others who assess the value of your injury claim may let a negative impression of motorcyclists affect the amount they offer to settle the case. A qualified motorcycle accident lawyer is experienced in spotting low-ball settlement offers. Our team’s motorcycle accident lawyers advise our clients immediately when an offer is unfair and we respond with the strength of the facts and the law in your favor.

A picture containing outdoor, building, clock, largeDescription automatically generatedJury Bias– Most trial jurors are honest and attentive car drivers, not motorcyclists. Like anyone else, jurors may tend to be less sympathetic with the viewpoint of a motorcycle rider. That challenge must be met and overcome by your lawyer. Knowing a juror may have a tendency to identify more with a car driver means our lawyers at Clauson Law are ready to meet the challenge and to help those preconceptions to be discarded. Your right to a fair trial and a just verdict depends on your motorcycle accident lawyer’s skill and experience.


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