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Many people rely on public transportation including buses to get around North Carolina. If you've sustained a preventable injury as a result of a bus driver's negligence then look no further than Clauson Law. Our experienced Greenville bus accident lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Why Do I Need a Greenville Bus Accident Attorney?

Were You Injured in a Bus Accident?

The Clauson Law Firm has the experience and resources you need to successfully demand your rightful compensation when you or your family member are injured in a Greenville bus accident.

There were 132 Bus Crashes in North Carolina in the past 4 years causing people personal injuries including broken bones, spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, facial lacerations, all with physical pain and suffering.

That’s 3 serious Bus Accidents every month. In 2019 alone, there were 65,000 bus accidents in the United States.

And that doesn’t count all the non-collision injuries suffered by people who fell when the driver stopped short or accelerated too fast. And it also doesn’t count the injuries to other bus riders, especially the elderly, who fall as they are stepping on or off of the bus.

In 2018 alone, there were 85 school buses and 15 intercity buses involved in fatal crashes across the US.

Bus Accidents Need a Lawyer’s Special Attention

Bus accidents are unlike many other kinds of motor vehicle crashes. There are important differences between accidents involving a charter bus owned by a private company and your one of your local Greenville Area Transit (GREAT) public buses. And both of those accident types different from school bus accidents.

1). Privately Owned Bus or Motor Coach Accidents

Large bus companies operate fleets of buses and motor coaches to drive groups of people to more distant, targeted destinations than public buses we rely on for daily commuting. When a privately owned bus is involved in an accident, passengers who suffer injuries can press a claim for damages against the company that owns the bus, or against other additional companies or individuals who may be involved in the leasing, maintenance, or operation of the bus.

If any of those parties neglected their duty of reasonable care to the rider or violated the higher standard of care required once a rider boards the bus, they will be liable for any injuries resulting from that negligence.

Experienced bus accident lawyers at The Clauson Law Firm in Greenville know every client injured on a private bus faces issues that riders of other buses may not.

  • In what state is the bus registered? And where is the owner incorporated?
  • Was the bus compliant with federal regulations governing interstate motor carriers?
  • Was the driver exceeding the allowable driving-hour limits? What’s the driver’s record?
  • Who performed the maintenance, when, and in what state are the maintenance records kept?

Remember, chartered buses and those traveling interstate usually travel on highways at higher speeds and on less familiar roads than local commuter buses. Therefore, passengers are more likely to suffer serious, life threatening injuries when crashes do occur.

2). Public Transit Bus Accidents – Greenville’s GREAT Bus System

The Greenville Area Transit (GREAT) bus system is owned and operated by the City of Greenville as the Transit Division of the Public Works Department. Buses run by municipal agencies and other public or governmental entities are not subject to the same rules as privately owned buses.

When a publicly owned bus is involved in an accident with injuries suffered by passengers, pedestrians, or other motorists, the victim’s lawyer needs to know about the special rules governing how the claim must be submitted, which board or office needs to be notified about the claim, and what deadline applies for filing injury claims against the public authority.

North Carolina law imposes different rules, different deadlines, and different amounts of money available for victims in public bus accidents than for victims in privately owned bus accidents. For example, under North Carolina law, the total amount paid to all injured victims in any one publicly owned bus accident is $1,000,000. No such limit exists in claims against privately owned bus companies. The Clauson Law Firm maintains a staff of highly experienced lawyers who know these special rules through and through.

3). School Bus Accidents

School bus accidents require the highest care and attention from your lawyer. Though all bus accidents threaten injury to numerous passengers, school buses usually carry our most precious passengers, our children. When a school bus collision occurs, the driver may be a city or county employee, or they may even be a volunteer. That means that the claim must be presented to the North Carolina Industrial Commission if the injuries were the result of driver negligence or bus maintenance issues.

4). Non-Collision Bus Accidents (Injured While Entering, Exiting, Standing on a Bus)

Riding a bus can result in passenger injuries even without a crash. These are non-collision bus accidents:

  • Bus driver stops suddenly causing injury to standing passengers who fall
  • Bus driver accelerates suddenly causing injury to standing passengers who fall
  • Older riders suffer injuries when they fall while entering or exiting the bus

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