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The devastating physical and emotional harm suffered by the victims of bicycle accidents frequently takes time and requires extensive medical care that imposes financial hardship. At Clauson Law Firm, a Greensville bicycle accident lawyer will aggressively fight for a victim's right to fair and just compensation from the party whose negligent, or reckless behavior caused the crash.

Bicycle Accident Attorney in Greenville, NC

In the five years from 2015 to 2020, more than 4,700 North Carolina bicyclists were injured in accidents with motor vehicles. Almost 107 of those cyclists were killed. Nationwide, 857 bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes with motor vehicles just in 2018.

Bicycle Accident Attorney in Greenville, NC

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The phrase “Share the Road” is more than just a catchy slogan; it’s the law in North Carolina. That means that bicyclists are entitled to the same roadway as any other vehicle. While cyclists are encouraged to stay to the right side of the lane, the rider is legally able to travel in the full lane. But motorists too often either don’t know the road rules for bikes or they fail to exercise the necessary care to avoid hitting a bike rider.

Greenville Bicycle Accident Negligence

Bicycle Accidents Lawyer in GreenvilleLike all motor vehicle accidents, the person responsible for the crash that caused the victim’s injuries is liable for all resulting damages. When a car or a truck hits a person riding a bicycle, it is common for the cyclist to suffer serious or fatal injuries. Negligent motorists injure most bicycle riders when they commit one of these mistakes:

  • Passing a Bicyclist Too Closely: Riding in the same direction as the flow of traffic is recommended for safe cycling. But motorists fail to leave a safe distance when they pass the bike on the side of the road. The cyclist can’t see behind him and must trust that a driver won’t hit him.  These types of bike accidents frequently result in very serious injuries to the rider.
  • Turning Right Without Checking for Bicycles: Motorists approaching intersections usually check for oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and other potential hazards in front of them. But drivers often fail to check for cyclists approaching near the curb from behind their car. When the motorist steps on the gas to turn right, the driver cuts in front of the cyclist causing the bike to collide with the car. These accidents usually result in the cyclist being thrown over the hood of the car and onto the pavement, head first. While helmets provide some protection, cyclists still suffer serious head injuries.
  • Turning Left into a Cyclist’s Path: Motorists turning left in an intersection won’t usually turn in front of an oncoming car, but they frequently fail to yield to a bicyclist approaching the intersection along the opposite curb. Bikes are entitled to the same right-of-way as a motorist would be in similar situations. A left turn in front of a bike is the same as turning into oncoming traffic.

Injuries suffered by bicyclists in these accidents are often serious or life threatening. In most cases, the cyclist is either directly struck by the accelerating car or the rider is violently thrown from the bike.

Injuries Suffered in Greenville Bicycle Accidents Case

Riding a bicycle is great exercise and can be fun. Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular sport on a competitive level too. But whether you peacefully riding on a neighborhood street or racing along a country road, all bicycle riders commonly suffer these serious injuries if they are involved in a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle:

Bicycle Accidents Lawyer in Greenville

  • Head Injuries – Fractured skull, traumatic brain injury, brain hemorrhage, concussion, sever lacerations,
  • Spinal Injuries including severed spinal cord, ruptured and herniated disks, fractured vertebrae,
  • Broken arms, legs, shoulders, ribs, and pelvis from being struck by a vehicle and by hitting ground,
  • Facial fractures, lacerations, and disfiguring scars
  • Multiple fractures of carpal and metacarpal (hand bones) resulting in permanent nerve damage and loss of function,
  • Psychic and emotional injury resulting in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, and anxiety.
  • Death – Yes, fatal injuries occur from bicycle accidents.

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The Clauson Law Firm is the Greenville Bicycle Accident Attorney with the skill, experience, and commitment to aggressively represent victims of these accidents to secure the maximum possible financial recovery. You deserve to have your case treated as a top priority. We will demand that every damage you suffered be made whole, that your pain be recognized, and that your case be resolved as speedily as possible.

Bicycle Accident Attorney charges NO FEE for our representation unless and until we get you financial compensation.

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We serve the people of Greenville and Pitt Count with a full team of talented and experienced lawyers, professional investigators, paralegals, administrators, and communications staff. We recognize the physical pain and emotional stress that afflicts accident victims and their family members. It’s our job to be your voice, to fight for your right to justice, and to keep the pressure on the responsible party until you are fully compensated for your physical and financial damages.

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