Experienced Carrboro NC Car Accident Lawyer

Having the right Carrboro car accident attorney plays a crucial role in the development of your case, from filing the initial paperwork to responding to settlement negotiations. Clauson Law has been fighting for the rights of the injured in Carrboro for over 10 years.

Why Hire Carrboro Car Accident Attorney?

Experienced Carrboro NC Car Accident Lawyer

Carrboro had 3,684 automobile accidents in 2018. Among the more than 2100 people who suffered injuries, 8 people died. In all of Pitt County there were 6,295 crashes; 21 people died.

After a Carrboro car accident, an injured victim’s entire life changes. They may be hospitalized indefinitely, they’re suddenly are out of work, and  they may never fully recover from their injuries. The lives of the victim’s family members are also disrupted. The future is uncertain and the stress from worrying about the injured loved one wears heavily on everyone.

We at the Clauson Law Firm are devoted to helping you and your family get through this awful experience with as little disruption and with as much compensation as possible.

Car Accident Attorney Can Get You Full Compensation

 If you were injured in a Carrboro car accident, you deserve to regain as much of your pre-accident life as possible.

Our sole focus is to get the negligent party and their insurer to

  • repay every cent you lost out-of-pocket, (lost wages or income, all property damage, and all related expenses caused by the accident).
  • pay every medical bill you incurred, and all expenses for future care and treatment,
  • and provide you with enough of a settlement to compensate you for the physical and psychological pain and suffering you experienced.

Car Accident Lawyer - We Begin Work Immediately

Our team investigates every aspect of your car accident:

  • the specific details of events preceding the crash,
  • the nature and severity of every injury you suffered,
  • the accident’s impact on your family life and relationships,
  • the financial costs of all medical treatment, including emergency care, surgeries, needed rehab, and all future expenses likely to be needed,
  • your lost wages, earnings, and your loss of future earnings,
  • the physical and psychic pain and suffering you experienced,
  • the loss of your enjoyment of your life, and any consequent mental health challenges,
  • the full value of all property damage.

We will press your injury claim speedily, aggressively, and persistently until we win an agreement for the fullest, most complete, maximum compensation for your injuries.

We won’t stop fighting until we get you what you deserve.

Car Accident Injuries

The list of injuries victims of Carrboro car accidents suffer seems to be endless. Travelling in a vehicle traveling at 40 mph when it collides with a car driving in the opposite direction at 40 mph produces the same catastrophic forces as a car slamming into a wall at 80 mph.

Common injuries suffered by car accident victims include these:

  • Crushed and broken legs and ankles
  • Severe facial bone fractures, deep lacerations, permanent disfiguring scars
  • Fractured skull, traumatic brain injury, brain damage resulting in changed personality, memory loss, inability to speak,
  • Spinal injury resulting in paralysis, often leaving the victim bound to a wheelchair
  • Crushed or fractured vertebrae, ruptured or herniated disks
  • Severe shoulder and torso injury (sometimes caused by seatbelt trauma),
  • Neck injury with long-lasting or permanent pain and limitation of movement (whiplash)
  • Other orthopedic breaks and crush wounds requiring surgically implanted pins and plates
  • Torn, punctured, and crushed internal organs (lungs, spleen, liver, etc.)

This list could continue for pages without running out of the possible injuries victims of car accidents suffer. No one should have to go through this alone. We work all day, every day, to help our clients get through the torment thrust into their lives in the wake of an car accident.

Clauson Law provides FREE 1st Consultation & Guarantees NO FEES unless we win you compensation.

Car Accident Lawyer - Aggressive Negotiation with Maximum Recovery

Our goal is to help you recover the fullest possible compensation to provide you and your family with the knowledge that your suffering was recognized and your losses were made whole.

Clauson Law is experienced in winning large settlements for our clients and fighting to the end when an insurance company or an opponent fails to respond reasonably to our rightful demands on your behalf. Insurers who represent the negligent driver often try to escape liability by claiming you contributed to the accident. The Clauson Law Firm is ready to defend you against false or unfounded accusations that your own negligence played a contributing role in the car accident.

In North Carolina, if a car accident victim’s own negligence contributed to the car crash, then our state law prevents the victim from recovering money in an action against the more negligent driver. Our lawyers and support staff are well prepared to discredit unjust claims of negligence made against our clients.

Experienced Carrboro NC Car Accident Lawyer


Preparation is a Key to Our Success

Cases are won with thorough, detailed preparation. Clauson Law’s commitment to serving every client means preparing every part of an accident victim’s case so nothing is left undone:

We fully investigate all the facts of your case, we collect all medical records and bills, we analyze every entry and obtain expert opinions from medical specialists, accident reconstruction experts, and any other authority necessary to fully develop and identify the highest compensation value appropriate to your accident.

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