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Whether you call them tractor-trailers, big rigs, semis, 18-wheelers, or simply big trucks – being involved in an accident with one of these behemoths is not something you want to experience. Unfortunately, many drivers do become the victim of tractor-trailer accidents all too often. At Clauson Law, we are prepared to fight hard on your behalf for the compensation you deserve.

How an Attorney Can Help to Recover Damages from Tractor-Trailer Accident Injuries in Asheville?

Any Asheville tractor accident attorney knows the devastating consequences for victims in such an accident. Your Asheville trailer accident attorney will help you navigate the justice system from the moment that you file your case so that you know what to expect.

Holding a tractor-trailer company or a driver responsible in court requires a comprehensive strategy developed by your tractor trailer accident law firm in Asheville, NC. We know the specifics of many types of trucking accidents and are prepared to fight hard on your behalf even if the insurance or trucking company is arguing your injuries were your fault or not as serious as you allege. In these serious circumstances it can be very compelling to have a knowledgeable and dedicated law firm at your side. This is why we worked so hard to have earned the reputation that we have in Asheville.

There’s no doubt that Asheville is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places to live in North Carolina. Whether it’s Belle Chere weekend in the spring or checking out the stunning foliage along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall, Asheville is prime territory for serious accidents.

Impacts of Tractor-Trailer Crashes in Asheville

Tractor-trailers can cause significant injuries and severe damage to your vehicle. This is because of the additional cargo and weight of these vehicles. Passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and drivers all simply cannot compete with the weight or the size of an Asheville, NC tractor-trailer.

Given the busy roads and tendency for some truck drivers to speed or to drive aggressively in order to meet their deadlines and goals, this can put you in a precarious situation on the road. Our Asheville tractor accident law firm knows all too well from having helped numerous victims file claims and fight hard for the settlements or court outcomes they deserve.

Causes of Tractor-Trailer Accidents

When hired as your Asheville tractor accident lawyer, we work hard to conduct an investigation of the accident scene as soon as possible. This often gives us the relevant evidence that can be used to file your case and becomes a core component of supporting you during this challenging time. It is our responsibility to find the underlying causes of negligence in the accident.

Often this is traced back to the individual driver of the tractor trailer or the company that hired that driver. Tractor-trailer accident cases in Asheville can be very complex because they often involve these complicated issues of liability where more than one party is responsible. If this is applicable in your case, you need an experienced tractor accident law firm in Asheville, NC to help support you and ensure that you don't fall victim to any of the common mistakes that can occur when going up against a trucking company. Whether it was distracted driving, drowsy driving, or reckless driving, it is important that your tractor-trailer accident attorney present the story of how things really happened.

Challenges in Tractor-Trailer Accident Cases

Tractor-trailer companies and the drivers who work for them face higher levels of accident likelihood. This means they are also far more likely to have experience with the insurance process and the legal process. To account for this, you need to have experience in your corner as well by retaining a law firm that is not afraid to step up to the plate and fight for you.

Your lawyer should understand the full volume of the injuries you have sustained and the medical expenses associated with them. This becomes especially important when a tractor-trailer driver or the insurance company that covers them recognizes that they might be able to close out the case for a cheaper amount by presenting you with a lump sum upfront. While this certainly could bring your case to a close sooner rather than later, it's a mistake to do this without understanding the full range of the injuries you have sustained and the medical expenses associated with them.

A savvy lawyer who has worked with previous Asheville, NC tractor-trailer accident cases will be there to advise you when a settlement offer doesn't seem fair and won't be afraid to fight back or walk away from the settlement table and take the case to court instead when that is truly in your best interests. You could be entitled to many different types of damages as a result of being hurt in a tractor trailer accident.

These can include lost income in the past and in the future, medical expenses and other expenses associated with your ability to recover from the accident. You need to take action quickly to avoid your case being barred as a result of expired statute of limitations. If you believe that another party's negligence caused the injuries you sustained in a tractor-trailer accident, use this information to consult with our law firm today.

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