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Many people rely on public transportation including buses to get around North Carolina. If you've sustained a preventable injury as a result of a bus driver's negligence then look no further than Clauson Law. Our experienced Asheville bus accident lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Being in a bus accident is a harrowing experience for anyone but as a victim, this leaves you with potential injuries and damages that could rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debts. Because of the significant costs associated with a bus accident injury, it's important to have your case investigated and handled by an Asheville bus accident lawyer as soon as possible after the incident has happened to ensure you maximize your time and gather the information needed for a case.

This is because many people don't realize that multiple parties could be held liable as a result of the bus accident. The individual driver, of course, could be held accountable for failing to drive the bus safely or for driving under the influence. Furthermore, however, a local municipality like a city or county, such as Asheville and their transportation authority could also be held responsible.

Why You Need an Experienced Bus Accident Law Firm in Asheville, NC

Because there are shorter timelines associated with filing lawsuits against these entities, you need an injury lawyer who understands this process and is willing to get involved with it immediately. Furthermore, if you were riding on a private bus at the time of your injuries, you could also have grounds for a lawsuit against the maker of any defective products on that bus that caused the accident to happen or the employer of the individual bus driver.

Employers of bus drivers have a responsibility to hire, train and supervise safe drivers and if they have failed in this responsibility and you ended up paying the price, you need to share this with your Asheville bus accident lawyer. Our Asheville bus accident law firm works hard on behalf of victims who have had to pay the unfortunate price of suffering devastating injuries in an accident.

While no victim should have to go through this circumstance on their own, it is important for you to take the necessary steps to protect your rights and to consult with a trusting Asheville bus accident lawyer right away. If you wait too long, particularly in cases involving cities or municipalities, you could lose your right to file a lawsuit.

Causes of Bus Accidents

Just like vehicle accidents, there is no one reason that Asheville bus accidents happen. However, across many different accident cases all over the country, there are several common threads that can indicate common causes behind bus accidents.

A thorough investigation should eb completed by your Asheville, NC bus accident law firm immediately to give you the best possible chance to recover compensation. The first common cause of Asheville bus accidents is driver negligence in error. Serious crashes around Asheville can occur as a result of drivers committing traffic violations like driving while distracted, speeding, or improper turns. It could also be the fault of another driver on the road who makes the error or the bus driver.

Another common cause of an accident that prompts you to call an Asheville bus accident lawyer is driver fatigue. Much like long haul truck drivers, bus drivers often have long hours on the job with very few breaks. Because buses run during off hours, such as those travel buses that drive overnight or tour buses that go long distances at a time, some drivers might end up on the road during times when their bodies are normally used to sleeping.

Without getting enough sleep or getting appropriate rest breaks, a driver is at risk of causing an accident. There are federal laws on the books that limit how much a driver can work but some bus companies will push this line and even break the law. Another cause of an Asheville bus accident includes mechanical causes. Mechanical issues can have serious consequences but proper maintenance might be the primary issue at play. Hazardous roadways are yet another reason why you might end up in an accident and have to call an Asheville bus accident law firm. A hazardous roadway claim will include the state or local government requiring prompt action and understanding of special circumstances.

What to Do Next After a Crash

It’s your responsibility to protect your rights after a crash; don’t count on anyone other than your medical team and your lawyer to have your best interests as your case proceeds. Knowing all the facts and what to expect in a PI claim is critical for you and your future. Our Asheville personal injury lawyers are here to make this process easier for you.

Catastrophic injuries are frequently associated with injuries going to an Asheville bus accident lawyer for personal injury claim filing. These injuries can include lacerations, soft tissue injuries, burns, whiplash, paralysis, spinal cord damage, broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. The determination of liability is an important step in these cases. Make sure that you hire an experienced Asheville bus accident lawyer immediately.

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